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Monitor Complex User Flows with Checkly's Multistep Checks

Learn how Checkly's new multistep checks help you to decrease incident response times with synthetic monitoring. Use multistep checks to chain and manage multiple API requests, run custom code for response validation, and get accurate alerts when incidents occur. This video explains how to create a multistep check to monitor a RESTful API from scratch. Do you have questions? Join our vibrant Checkly community on Slack and explore further!

Setting Up the Latest AWS Observability Solution

The tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to deploy the AWS Observability Solution using the CloudFormation template using the quick and new method. The CloudFormation template being used in this method sets up an automated collection of logs and metrics from AWS to the Sumo Logic service.

How to Achieve Agility With Stability

In the fast-paced world of modern software development, the demand for innovation is relentless. CI/CD promises many benefits, including agility, team productivity and satisfaction. Doing CI/CD “the right way” though, can feel overwhelming. If your team is pushing code through the CI/CD pipeline more and more often, how do you know that it works? In other words, how do you balance innovation with reliability?

Detecting, Investigating, and Responding to Threats: Best Practices

In this webinar, we will explore tips, trends and best practices for quickly and accurately detecting and responding to an always-evolving array of bad actors. Don't miss the chance to explain why your solution can help strengthen defences and give IT managers some peace of mind in an increasingly scary threat landscape.

#024 - Kubernetes for Humans Podcast with Gabriele Bartolini [EDB]

A long-time open-source programmer and entrepreneur, Gabriele has a degree in Statistics from the University of Florence. After having consistently contributed to the growth of 2ndQuadrant and its members through nurturing a lean and DevOps culture, he is now leading the Cloud Native initiative at EDB.