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What's New: Updates to Mobile, PagerDuty Process Automation Software & PagerDuty Runbook Automation, and More!

We’re excited to announce a new set of updates and enhancements to the PagerDuty Operations Cloud. Recent development and app updates from the product team include Incident Response, PagerDuty® Process Automation, as well as Community & Advocacy Events updates. We continue to help customers automate everywhere to optimize cloud operations and reduce the amount of issues escalated to other teams.


Create and Manage Maintenance Windows Through PagerDuty Mobile App

In order to respond in real-time to urgent, critical digital incidents, on-call responders must be able to take action from anywhere. But when on-call responders become overwhelmed with alerts, they often just “ignore them” because they cannot tell the difference between a real alert and a false one.

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The Economic Crunch is Here: Time to Get AIOps Right

Economic warning signs are flashing, and organisations of all sizes are balancing the need for fiscal discipline and efficiency while fighting to retain customers, when a single negative interaction can send them running to a competitor. Business digital operations are more complex than ever, compounding the problem is that companies are still adapting to remote work and pandemic-driven digitisation. Our recent report confirms that delivery teams are facing increased pressures, unreasonable business demands, and higher rates of burnout.

When Can A Service Not Be a Service?

If you’re familiar with PagerDuty, you probably associate it with alerts about technical services behaving in ways they shouldn’t. Maybe you yourself have been notified at some point that a service wasn’t available, was responding slowly, or was returning incorrect information. That’s the common use of a service in the PagerDuty platform.