PagerDuty: Your Journey To Real-Time Operations

In a world where people expect always-on, seamless digital experiences, it is essential that teams are empowered with the right tools and processes to work together and deliver in critical moments of truth. Our CEO, Jennifer Tejada, shares how PagerDuty acts as the central nervous system for the digital enterprise, helping connect teams to real-time opportunity and elevate work to the outcomes that matter.

PagerDuty Pulse May19

Catch up on all the exciting things we’ve released over the past several months. In this edition of PagerDuty Pulse, you’ll get a view into our Spring release, which helps teams across the enterprise effectively take action during the most critical moments with the power of data, intelligence, and automation at scale. We’re excited to release and share new enhancements across all of our products (Event Intelligence, Modern Incident Response, Analytics, Visibility), as well as to the core platform.

PagerDuty Helps ServiceNow Users Shift From Queued To Real-Time Digital Operations

PagerDuty is excited to participate in ServiceNow’s Knowledge19 event in Las Vegas this week. As a ServiceNow Gold Technology Partner, this is an event our team looks forward to all year because it gives us a chance to connect with many of our shared customers who depend on ServiceNow for critical parts of their operations. This year is even more exciting for us since we’re launching the newest version of our ServiceNow integration for HybridOps teams.


Announcing PagerDuty’s Solution For HybridOps

For years, traditional infrastructure provisioning and management followed a specific operating model that depended on Network Operations Centers (NOCs) to process operational events. As enterprise companies started to undergo digital transformation, the cloud created a different operating model: One that was much more agile and, some would argue, more efficient—and would replace all other operating models to create IT homogeneity.


How To Get Real-Time Visibility Into Serverless Apps

As CEO and co-founder of IOpipe, Adam Johnson works with both individual developers and engineering teams at global enterprises to get real-time visibility into the detailed behaviors of their serverless applications. According to The New Stack’s 2018 ebook, serverless adoption has grown by 75 percent since 2017, but developers continue to cite concerns about application performance, risk, and monitoring as drawbacks to building on a serverless architecture.


PagerDuty’s Slack Integration Makes Real-Time Ops Even Easier

This week, Slack users from around the world will converge along the San Francisco waterfront for the 2019 Slack Frontiers event. Teams of all types and sizes will attend customer and product sessions geared toward helping teams improve and take their ChatOps to the next level. Are you attending Slack Frontiers this week? If yes, swing by the PagerDuty booth to say hello and see our Slack app in action!


Why DevSecOps Is Good Business

Back in 2002 when I was a (very) junior programmer at a German enterprise software company I was lucky enough to be part of a small team that was building what you would now call a SaaS app. Up until now, the company had made all their profits by selling desktop software written in a language most people likely have never heard of: FoxPro. But instead of spending my days debugging FoxPro code, I was now green fielding JAVA web services.


New Integration: Google Firebase Crashlytics

Keep Your Apps Stable Using PagerDuty’s Integration With Google Firebase Crashlytics. Are you a developer tasked with keeping a mobile application stable and performing as expected? If so, you probably know that the worst tends to happen when you aren’t around to deal with it—like that time a high-impact crash happened when you were traipsing through Europe.