Splunk Mobile for Private Networks

Are you working in a secure environment and want to take advantage of Splunk Mobile and Connected Experiences? Welcome to Private Spacebridge, a version of Spacebridge that you can deploy and manage in your own Kubernetes cluster. Check out this video where Joe, our SR Spacebridge engineer, explains what Private Spacebridge is all about and how it works to get you securely routing mobile traffic through your environment.

Monitor Salesforce's Real-Time Events with Splunk

In 2019 Salesforce announced the general availability of Real-Time Event Monitoring (RTEM) which includes 19 different events that help monitor & secure your Salesforce data. Real-Time Event Monitoring stores events for 6 months as Salesforce Big Objects and streams events via Salesforce’s Streaming API in near real-time.


Announcing the General Availability of Splunk RUM Custom Events

With a 70% increase in internet usage, and digital teams adopting cloud-native technologies at a rapid rate, the importance of measuring customer experience on digital properties is not just a technical problem, but a business imperative. Frontend developers and SREs use Real User Monitoring (RUM) to understand critical components of their end-user experience, like how quickly users see content, when a page becomes interactive, and a page's visual stability.


Logging into your Connected Experiences

After checking out the Get Started with Connected Experiences blog, you’ll be an expert on 1) how your Splunk data gets to mobile, (2) how to unlock mobile for your Splunk instance, and (3) how user management works. So, with this blog, I’d say it’s time to talk about the many login methods users can leverage with their Splunk instance on mobile.


Splunking Your *.conf Files: How to Audit Configuration Changes Like a Boss

For years customers have leveraged the power of Splunk configuration files to customize their environments with flexibility and precision. And for years, we’ve enabled admins to customize things like system settings, deployment configurations, knowledge objects and saved searches to their hearts’ content. Unfortunately a side effect of this was that multiple team members could change underlying.conf files and forget that those changes ever occurred.


Get Started with Connected Experiences

November, the season of post-conf, is upon us. Hopefully all you Splunk admins and sc_admins are craving the release of a ton of new.conf21 Splunk features. Well, good news, because Connected Experiences is here to help you get started with everything Splunk Mobile, Augmented Reality, TV and iPad with this one handy guide. Let’s get started!


Splunk Developer Fall 2021 Update

While it’s cooling down here in California as Fall arrives, we have some really hot and exciting updates from.conf21, including the announcement of Splunk Cloud Developer Edition, the new Splunkbase user experience, detailed guidelines to help you deliver cloud-ready apps for Splunk Cloud Platform, AppInspect updates with new checks, a helpful blog about storing app secrets, updated docs for Modular Inputs and External Lookups, a summary of SDK updates, and more.