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Customer Experience (CX) Metrics

As enterprises seek to improve their bottom line, the need to delight their customers is paramount. One major framework used to strategize for business success is the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), which tracks the four perspectives of customer: To address customer concerns such as time, quality, service performance, and cost, organizations must stay on top of their game — this often means streamlining processes and investing in capability to enhance their products and services delivery.

What Is Network Architecture?

Every business needs a well-designed network architecture. The network architecture is essential to how you organize and manage your IT infrastructure to transfer data between devices and applications securely and efficiently. A network architecture comprises a layered structure, which breaks down communication tasks into smaller parts. This way, each layer can focus on a specific function and avoid complex combinations of cases.

Data Storage Costs Keeping You Up at Night? Meet Archived Metrics

We all have been there! Getting the largest metrics plan available, turning on real-time monitoring, and…. You know what happens next… BIG BILL! With the explosion of telemetry from microservices, containers, and cloud stacks, engineering teams often have to choose between data and budget. To help our Splunk champions, we are introducing Archive Metrics to make storing data up to ten times cheaper.

Availability Zones: The Complete Guide for 2024

During the early periods of cloud computing, most organizations used single-location data centers. These single-location data centers often faced higher risks of downtime and service disruption due to localized disasters or hardware failures. As a solution to these problems, cloud services like AWS introduced the concept of availability zones. This introduction was an important milestone in the evolution of cloud computing, as it facilitated high availability through geographic distribution.