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AIMS - Automated Monitoring Solution powered by AI

There has been an explosion of complexity in IT Operations. With all this complexity, you need to understand where the issues could occur and what systems can be affected. This is exactly what AIMS solves. Build confidence in your IT Operations with AIMS, an automated monitoring solution powered by AI. Get early notifications with automated anomaly detection of the issues that can potentially bring down your business and understand which other systems could be impacted with automated service dependency discovery.

Cultural Adoption of Automation

You're convinced that automation of standard, basic tasks is the right way to go for your team. You want to get your teams """"out of the muck"""" and into more value-added tasks, such as the creation of new features, or launching new clients, or expansion into new territories. How do you build consensus with your teams? With your leadership? To convince your executive team that automation is the way to go, they'll insist on metrics to capture their return, whether through increased agility, improved service stability, and so on.