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The importance of IT's role in digital transformation. | Resolve

It's no mystery how important automation is when it comes to augmenting the digital transformation initiatives for any company. However, if you do not understand IT's role in those efforts, you risk a fragile and siloed infrastructure that may be bring more problems than benefits as you try to scale your business. In this video, Resolve CEO Vijay Kurkal explains why IT is the foundation of your business.

Icinga Camp Berlin 2022: Blerim Sheqa How Companies use Icinga by Blerim Sheqa

During the past months we’ve been in direct contact with enterprises to understand their Icinga story. As result we created multiple customer stories which differ in their use case. I want to exemplify how Icinga meets different requirements of organizations and helps them cover their monitoring demands.

Icinga Camp Berlin 2022: Current State of Icinga DB by Eric Lippmann

In recent years, the number of servers, virtual machines, services, applications, etc. that our customers and users monitor with Icinga has increased significantly. For very large environments, the IDO can be a performance bottleneck. With Icinga DB we’ve rethought everything to allow users to monitor massive amounts of data and bring exclusive features that weren’t possible before.

Icinga Camp Berlin 2022: Meerkat - a new Icinga Dashboarding tool by Dave Kempe

Meerkat is an Open Source dashboarding tool, written in Go and javascript. It allow users to drag and drop Icinga API objects onto a background, plays sounds and even embed videos. Dave will give a tour of its features and a guide on setup and usage, with real-world examples.

Application Deployment to Civo with a Terraform Template

Join our CTO, Dinesh Majrekar, as he deploys the infrastructure needed to host any application on Civo. This session will use a new terraform template repo to deploy a cluster, install an ingress and let-encrypt helm chart all from terraform. Once these basics are in place, the cluster can be used in GitOps pipelines by other teams to actually deploy their code.

Blameless Demo: Streamline ServiceNow Incident Ticketing Workflows

Our Director of Product, Nicolas Phillip, shows you how to create ServiceNow incident tickets from your preferred chat tool or the Blameless interface. Watch his step-by-step tutorial and begin leveraging Blameless to create incident tickets in ServiceNow today.