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How do you build resilient systems to manage the IPL with 30+ million concurrent users?

The Indian Premier League is a unique sporting event for a dozen reasons. But for engineers in India, it’s one of a kind. Very few companies can boast of managing 30+ million concurrent users. Every year, this number grows. Last year, we witnessed ~60 million concurrent users. And things get bigger and larger every year.

Deliver Better Customer Experiences with PagerDuty for Customer Service

Want to deliver better customer experiences and meet your SLAs? PagerDuty for Customer Service Operations helps organizations connect the right teams at the right time, address urgent tickets, efficiently scale their 24-7 customer support model, and enhance cross-functional collaboration.

The Debrief: AI can help you never forget incident follow-up actions again

Noting follow-up actions is really important at the end of the incident response process. The problem is that it can be really easy to overlook certain actions or forget to do them entirely. With Suggested Follow-ups, this is now a thing of the past. In this episode, you'll hear from Rob, the project lead for our latest Suggested Follow-ups feature, to get a peek behind the curtain.