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How SOCAR is driving visibility using Sumo Logic

SOCAR needed an observability solution that could parse logs, monitor ephemeral infrastructure in Kubernetes and ensure high visibility into their application, all at a price that fit their budget. Sumo Logic checked all those boxes and has already boosted team collaboration. Learn more about their purchase decision and how they're already making unexpected discoveries.

The Unplanned Show, Episode 27: GovTech and platforms with Bryon Kroger

How do highly regulated and bureaucratic organizations become more innovative to meet the needs of customers, citizens, and warfighters? We'll hear a perspective from Bryon Kroger on leading transformational change and the power of platforms in some of the most security-sensitive government agencies. Here are some of the resources mentioned in the interview.

Ubuntu AI Podcast | Launch of 2nd series

Season 2 of Ubuntu AI podcast is here! After a start with great guests and great feedback from our listeners, we are ready to kickstart a new series of episodes. We will continue talking about AI and open source, focusing mostly on the machine learning lifecycle, AI on public cloud, AI at the edge and the security angle of the AI projects. This time around, we will periodically invite contributors to open source projects from the AI space to join us.

The Cloud is Broken | Insight from Mark Boost at Civo Navigate North America 2024

Mark Boost, CEO of Civo, takes a deep dive into the current state of cloud computing, addressing the pressing issues facing the industry. From the misalignment of pricing and customer expectations to the environmental and social responsibilities of tech companies, Boost provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and proposes a visionary approach for a fairer, more sustainable future in cloud computing.