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How to Diagnose Internet Problems in your Network | Obkio

Many Internet problems are intermittent which means that they appear in your network for a short time, and then reappear when you least expect them to. So you need the right tools to diagnose Internet problems. Choose a Network Monitoring Tool Obkio continuously monitors end-to-end network performance with synthetic traffic using Network Monitoring Agents. Monitoring Agents monitor network performance from the source up to the destination to identify network issues, diagnose connection problems, and collect information to help you troubleshoot.

Implementing SRE at the largest online retailer of NL and Belgium w/ Bart Enkelaar ( | EP #5

For the fifth episode of the StackPod, we invited Bart Enkelaar. Bart is a lead SRE at the largest online retailing platform in the Netherlands and Belgium: He's been a backend engineer for 13 years and is now responsible for setting up site reliability engineering across more than a hundred DevOps teams. In this episode, Bart and Anthony talk about.

How to be an authentic leader in tech w/ Tutti Taygerly | The StackPod EP #3

Welcome to the third episode of the StackPod, with Tutti Taygerly. Tutti is a leadership and executive coach with 20+ years of design experience across large companies, design agencies and startups. She now teaches women and men to be authentic leaders. Using all lessons Tutti learned along the way, she now helps women ánd men to be the leader in tech they want to be, by, basically, being true to themselves. In this episode, Anthony talks to Tutti about her journey, she shares concrete tips to stay authentic ánd she spills the details about her new book that just came out.

Operations Analytics - The Next Big Thing

Cloud Data Warehouses (CDW) were designed to support business intelligence use cases focused on historical data analysis, but less so on “what is happening now?” class of queries. We think operational analytics are the next big focus and we want to discuss the space and how enterprises will connect their operational data to these new tools to get results right now instead of next week.

Delivering Seamless Customer Experiences in the Financial Services Industry

A good customer experience is one of the most important metrics of success for financial services, whether it's in person over the phone or on a device. And to deliver information transactions and interactions quickly and efficiently to your customers, you need to rely on a vast collection of interconnected technologies that work seamlessly together.