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Vetcor Consolidates IT Stack with NinjaOne to Manage 15,000 Endpoints

Vetcor is a collaborative network of over 850 veterinary practices across the US and Canada. Vetcor unlocks maximum efficiency by bringing endpoint management, patch management, backup, remote support, Bitdefender and SentinelOne all into a single pane of glass with NinjaOne.

Ivanti Neurons for EASM in 105 seconds

Through its agentless approach to monitoring, Ivanti Neurons for EASM provides complete visibility of all the internet-facing assets across an organization’s attack surface. It also delivers actionable intelligence on exposures impacting those assets that enables organizations to minimize their attack surface, thereby lowering the risk of data breaches, fines and downtime.. Ivanti finds, heals, and protects every device, everywhere – automatically. Whether your team is down the hall or spread around the globe, Ivanti makes it easy and secure for them to do what they do best.

How we Went From Two Major Outages to 99.98% Reliability in Just 6 Months with Eran Kampf

Discover TwinGate's incredible journey from facing major outages to achieving 99.98% reliability within six months. At Navigate NA 24, hear firsthand about the challenges, solutions, and innovations that transformed their operations. Learn about their approach to architecture, incident management, and customer communication that not only restored trust but also turned reliability into a competitive advantage.

What is Ransomware and how to prevent ransomware attacks

Find out what ransomware is and its types in this super easy beginner’s guide. This quick video guide explains how ransomware attacks work and the steps enterprises can take to mitigate ransomware. The video also answers questions on – what are the stages of a ransomware attack, what are the various ransomware encryption techniques, and best practices to prevent ransomware attacks.

Web 2 vs Web 3 | What It Means and Why It Matters

While Web 2 caters to the current internet generation, Web 3 is known as the semantic web. In this video, we explore these two concepts, their differences, and their possible applications. The Internet has progressed rapidly from the early days of Web 1, which included static texts and visuals, to the current version – Web 2. We are presently entering the Web 3 era, in which value and data will easily move across decentralized platforms with distributed ownership and control. But, what else does Web 3 feature? How is it different from Web 2?

Maximizing Cloud SQL database availability

How does Cloud SQL achieve near-zero downtime? Join Debi Cabrera as she interviews Product Manager, Rahul Deshmukh. Rahul discusses the various capabilities of Cloud SQL and the best practices to maximize business continuity for applications. Watch along and hear firsthand from the session speaker about configuring and monitoring Cloud SQL for maximum availability.