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How to speed up your Playwright scripts with request interception

If you're running hundreds of Playwright scripts in your monitoring infrastructure you know that slow scripts lead to long-running test suites. Every Playwright script should run as quickly as possible. In this video, Stefan explains how to use Playwright's request interception feature to block requests and load websites faster.

Regex, character count, and word count validation | 30 Days of Form Demos | Jira Service Management

Have complex data validation needs? No worries! Learn how to use Regex (regular expressions) with your new forms in Jira Service Management. This is Day 22 of the forms for Jira Service Management 30 Days of Demos series. Build your first form without even logging in: New to Jira Service Management? Get it for free today: Click here to see all the videos in this series: Subscribe:

Anodot Cloud Cost Management

Anodot's cloud cost management solution enables you to visualize costs in a single screen — across AWS, Azure, GCP and Kubernetes. Anodot leverages proprietary ML-based algorithms to offer root-cause analysis and recommended remediation. With continuous monitoring and deep visibility, you gain the power to align FinOps, DevOps, and Finance teams and cut your cloud bill.

CFEngine Build in Mission Portal Web UI (Developer demo)

With Build in Mission Portal, you can use modules and make changes to your infrastructure, all from within the Web UI. When you make changes, commits are pushed using git, allowing you to work with the project using your favorite editor, command line tools, as well as the GitHub UI and similar solutions.

Extending Visibility Beyond the Edge | Discovering Observability: Session 3

Success! Hybrid Cloud Observability is installed and running, but you’re still struggling to get that “single-pane-of-glass” experience between your on-premises infrastructure and cloud services. Managing two systems—even if they’re running the same software—is an unnecessary burden and we’re here to help you with the next steps. This session is about connecting your data between Hybrid Cloud Observability and SolarWinds-as-a-Service for combined insights and increased visibility.