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AMA: Making Code Performance More Actionable

To eliminate hours of manual triage and analysis for your code performance degradations, join the engineers who are building Sentry’s performance product, Alex and George, as they share how to use Sentry to see and solve your critical app performance issues immediately. During this livestream, the team will dive into Sentry Performance Issues – which tells you exactly what’s slow in your code – so you can take action and solve latency problems without combing through dashboards and playing guess-a-span.

New Performance Issues | Snack of the Week

We’ve released new Performance Issues for Frontend, Backend, and Mobile recently. N+1 API Calls, Large Render-blocking Assets, and Slow Database Queries are just a few of them. If you want to learn more, you can register for our upcoming Performance Issues AMA where you can talk with the engineers who built our performance product: .

Making Performance Monitoring More Actionable with Sentry

How your code performs isn’t a subjective debate. Well, at least not anymore — in the past few months, Sentry has started telling you exactly what’s slow and where to fix it — specifically, N+1 database queries in your code. While we’ve all had to fix an N+1 problem, performance problems come in multiple flavors. Today, you’ll notice more Performance Issues in your issue feed, Slack alerts, and email notifications.


The New APM: Actionable, Affordable, and Actually Built For Developers

The observability landscape - specifically your traditional Application Performance Monitoring (APM) offerings are failing modern-day developers. These legacy tools are made for ops and infra teams to keep their infrastructure and services up and running. But when it comes to helping the people that actually write the code to find and fix latency issues, these tools - which often come with massive price tags - leave developers hunting for issues causing slowdowns.

Jetpack Compose Best Practices - AMA

Jetpack Compose – Android’s recommended, modern toolkit for building native UI – can simplify and accelerate UI development. But, it does present a learning curve, especially if you are new to declarative UI frameworks. Join our AMA to learn more about getting started with Jetpack Compose. Our engineers will share best practices, as well as demonstrate how Sentry can help you understand and fix any issues affecting the performance of your mobile application.

Treat Application Performance Like A Feature

I, like many of you no doubt reading this, am an engineer with very strong opinions on how software should work. I am not interested in moving fast and breaking things; I am not interested in changing the world. I am interested in building pleasant, ergonomic software and charging money for it. My company, Buttondown, was born from that ethos.