A Sanity Listicle for Mobile Developers

Just like that Mobile March Madness 2021 is almost in our rearview. Before we look to April, let’s recap some of our most notable mobile updates from this past month with a few tips on how to solve what matters faster and a sneak peek of what’s coming next. That’s right. We’re constantly improving our mobile monitoring solution independent of our alliteration-based marketing campaigns.


Using Sentry Performance To Make Sentry Performant

Like many companies, Sentry uses feature flags to determine when certain users see certain features. Recently, we decided to switch our feature flag software to an open-source system called Flagr. And while implementing Flagr, we used our new Performance tools to find — and ultimately fix — a serious issue in how we were fetching our flags.


Performance Monitoring for Android Applications

Android is arguably the most ubiquitous operating system in the world. Whether it’s a tablet, phone, folding phone, computer, TV, or IoT device, chances are you’ve interacted with Android OS. And to help developers get full visibility into how their customers experience Android’s myriad applications, we’re extending Performance to Android.