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Ingest OpenTelemetry traces and metrics with the Datadog Agent

OpenTelemetry is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) initiative that provides open, vendor-neutral standards and tools for instrumenting services and applications. Many organizations use OpenTelemetry’s collection of APIs, SDKs, and tools to collect and export observability data from their environment to their preferred backend. As part of our ongoing commitment to OpenTelemetry, we are proud to have contributed our distributed tracing libraries to the CNCF community.

Visualize relationships between your Kubernetes resources with Datadog Live Containers

A Kubernetes environment includes a wide range of resources—such as clusters, nodes, and pods—that work together to run dynamic applications at scale. In order to monitor a Kubernetes application effectively, you need a multi-dimensional view into your clusters’ health that encompasses the complex dependency relationships among these resources.

Monitor FoundationDB with Datadog

FoundationDB is a distributed NoSQL database designed to support fully ACID transactions. FoundationDB uses an unbundled architecture that consists of an in-memory transaction management system, a distributed storage system, and a built-in distributed configuration system. This enables developers using FoundationDB to manage and configure each part of their database layer separately to ensure desired scalability, high-availability, and fault tolerance.

Monitor your JumpCloud directory with Datadog

JumpCloud is a cloud-based directory platform that provides a unified approach to Active Directory and LDAP services centered around user authentication and network management. Using JumpCloud, companies can manage and provision user access to software, systems, and networks; enforce compliance with audit trails; and provide a unified login experience through single sign-on (SSO).

Monitor model performance with Superwise's offering in the Datadog Marketplace

Superwise is a monitoring platform that provides model observability for high-scale machine learning (ML) operations. Superwise provides teams with out-of-the-box (OOTB) metrics on their models’ production behavior, so they can effectively address drift, data quality issues, and other problems before they negatively impact business.

Run Synthetic tests in your CI/CD pipelines with the Datadog CircleCI orb

CircleCI is a CI/CD service that allows organizations to rapidly build, test, and deploy within their pipelines on a single platform. If you are using CircleCI for your CI/CD pipelines, you can now leverage the Datadog Synthetics CircleCI orb to implement Synthetic tests as part of shift-left testing. CI/CD testing is a widely adopted DevOps standard that helps teams mitigate any potential issues that could arise as a result of faulty code deployments.

Monitor your .NET apps with the Datadog extension for Azure App Service

Azure App Service is a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for deploying functions, web apps, mobile apps, and other resources. It allows developers to deploy code—using common languages and frameworks—in minutes without worrying about provisioning or managing infrastructure. Developers can then use Azure App Service to scale their services dynamically to meet demand.

Monitor Flutter application performance with Datadog Mobile RUM

Flutter is a popular open source framework that allows you to build, test, and deploy high-performance, multi-platform applications with a single codebase. Developed by Google, Flutter is backed by a robust developer community and is compatible with the latest native functionalities, including iOS Metal.