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Monitor Azure Container Apps with Datadog

Azure Container Apps is a serverless platform that enables you to deploy containerized applications and microservices—regardless of their code or framework—without managing any underlying cloud infrastructure or orchestrators. By using serverless containers, Azure Container Apps can automatically scale based on HTTP requests or events supported by Kubernetes event-driven autoscaling (KEDA) in order to accommodate peak demand and meet your budgeting goals.


Run Datadog Synthetic tests in Azure Pipelines

Continuous integration (CI) demands continous testing: shifting left helps prevent faulty code from spreading, which is one of the core aims of CI. Datadog’s new Azure DevOps extension enables you to seamlessly incorporate integration and end-to-end tests into existing CI/CD workflows on Azure Pipelines, a dedicated CI/CD service that automatically runs builds, performs tests, and deploys your services and applications via cloud-hosted pipelines.


Validate your skills with our new Datadog Certification Program

The Datadog platform has evolved to meet the needs of organizations that are investing in cloud-based solutions and modernizations. These organizations need professionals that are highly skilled and understand how to get the most out of the Datadog platform. With our suite of products, features, and tools in mind, we wanted to offer a path for individuals to demonstrate their knowledge of our best-in-class monitoring platform and their understanding of observability best practices.

Investigate critical alerts on the go with the Datadog mobile app

The Datadog mobile app provides real-time visibility into critical alerts, incidents, and application performance metrics across your entire environment, helping you troubleshoot directly from your mobile device. On-call engineers can quickly evaluate the conditions that triggered an alert, determine its urgency, and decide the next course of action—anywhere, anytime.

Optimize your .NET application performance with the Datadog Continuous Profiler

.NET is a framework built by Microsoft that simplifies the complexities of developing cross-platform applications. Using.NET, developers can create powerful applications with rapid response times and more. We’re excited to announce that the Datadog Continuous Profiler now provides general support for.NET applications, including.NET Framework, .NET Core, and.NET 5+.


Track your carbon footprint with Hardware Sentry's offering in the Datadog Marketplace

As we enter a critical period in the effort to mitigate climate change, organizations are facing mounting regulatory pressure—along with a biological imperative—to reduce their carbon footprint. And for those that maintain significant on-prem infrastructure, energy costs associated with operating hardware components can significantly affect their bottom line.