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How to Simplify ITSM Integrations with iPaaS

Integration is a crucial aspect of modern IT service management. By linking their ITSM platform with external applications, businesses can simplify their IT operations, enhance efficiency and flexibility, and provide better customer service. Real-time integration allows businesses to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and ensure that IT services align with business requirements. However, ITSM integration can be complex and difficult.

Ivanti Discover & Manage - Gain control over your IT investments #shorts

No matter what you’re trying to achieve – from getting IT costs in line to minimizing vulnerabilities to improving service delivery – knowing what you have will always be step one. See why accurate and actionable asset insights are the foundation for just about everything. Asset visibility makes it all possible. Manage – Secure – Service – Save Your roadmap to actionable asset data. A step-by-step guide to building out a big-picture view of your IT estate and turning it into valuable insights.

How ITSM Automation Improves DEX at Scale

As your organization grows, manual processes that were once convenient become increasingly inconvenient. They’re now cumbersome, slow, plainly inefficient and hinder opportunities for innovation. This is worsened by the rapid onset of digital transformation. Some organizations report that this transformation was accelerated by three to five years since 2020 by the pandemic.

How DEX Benefits IT & Security Operations: 5 Top Use Cases

I was recently explaining the importance of digital employee experience (DEX) management to a consultant who is a self-described "digital nomad" and works from wherever he pleases. The connection to DEX may not have entirely been clear, until I explained that his ability to easily do his work remotely using online tools exemplifies what good DEX is all about in the era of Everywhere Work.

Team Update: Recent Software Updates and Vulnerabilities

Todd shares important updates with the team, covering a range of topics. These include the Chrome update, vulnerabilities found in Windows 11 and Windows 10, known issues and errors, SharePoint server update, updates on click-to-run apps, dotnet framework updates, and monthly roll-ups for T net. The holiday season has resulted in limited releases.#ChromeUpdate, #WindowsVulnerabilities, #SharePointServer, #DotnetFramework, #HolidaySeason.

How Better DEX Benefits People + Performance: 3 Key Use Cases

Adopting a digital employee experience (DEX) solution delivers benefits for everyone in an organization, from the C-suite on down. A DEX solution provides contextual insights and intelligent automation capabilities that allow an IT team to proactively detect and resolve security vulnerabilities and other IT issues. This improves IT operations and an organization's cybersecurity and compliance posture.

Optimizing the Retail Returns Process

January often means the longest lines in the retail store are for returns. And, maybe ironically, those returns are regularly processed at the Customer Service desk. That right there — that’s an annual challenge. Consumers entering a store to make a return or exchange are already feeling inconvenienced. They bought or received an item they can’t use, and they’re at the store to resolve that problem.

Unlock the power of the Cloud with App Distribution in Ivanti Neurons for UEM (updated video 02/...

Ivanti Neurons simplifies application deployment from the cloud in UEM, offering technical support, compliance tracking, and an intuitive interface. It allows users to create and manage app packages, configure stages, and execute operations. On-demand installation reduces manual efforts, while software compliance tracking ensures successful installations. Ivanti neurons leverage cloud technologies to provide efficient and up-to-date software.