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How to create a search engine

Search engines are one of those things in life we take for granted. Whenever we’re looking for something, we throw a word or phrase into a search engine and, like magic, it gives us a list of matching results. It might not feel as magical nowadays because it’s something we do every day. But anyone who remembers the days of Alta Vista should understand how well we have it now.

593% return on investment by migrating off OpenSearch for search and logging

When investing in technology, organizations should look for products and services that get them the best bang for their buck. So, who comes out on top when investing in search and logging solutions? Elasticsearch® surpasses OpenSearch in cost efficiency.

LangChain tutorial: A guide to building LLM-powered applications

Large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4 and LLaMA have created a whole world of possibilities over the past couple of years. It’s heralded a boom in AI tools and applications, and ChatGPT has become a household name seemingly overnight. But this boom wouldn’t be possible without the powerful tools and frameworks created to facilitate this new generation of apps. One of these frameworks is LangChain, which makes it easy to build new apps using existing LLMs.

Build better Service Level Objectives (SLOs) from logs and metrics

In today's digital landscape, applications are at the heart of both our personal and professional lives. We've grown accustomed to these applications being perpetually available and responsive. This expectation places a significant burden on the shoulders of developers and operations teams.

Understanding AI search algorithms

Artificial intelligence tools are everywhere, and it’s no mystery why. They can carry out a huge variety of tasks and find the solutions to many everyday problems. But these apps are only as good as their AI search algorithm. In simple terms, an AI search algorithm is the decision-making formula an AI tool uses to find the optimal solution to your specific problem. Search algorithms may make trade-offs between speed, relevance, or another weighted factor.

5 AI search trends impacting developers in 2024

After an incredibly fast-moving 2023, what does the future hold for AI and search? Conversational generative AI leapt into the public consciousness over the past year, and organizations scrambled to define their strategy for capitalizing on the trend. AI-boosted relevance is reshaping the way users experience search — and elevating their expectations for the quality of the interaction.

Evolving Your Career Path in Tech: Insights and Strategies for Success

Discover the unique career paths of our panelists in the tech industry. Overcoming imposter syndrome, setting and achieving goals, and navigating the nuances of company culture can pose challenges in one's professional journey. However, these women will share their stories of resilience, overcoming obstacles, and self-advocacy that propelled them to where they are today.

Home Shopping Europe (HSE) increases customer satisfaction using Elasticsearch on AWS

Home Shopping Europe (HSE), a prominent player in the European live commerce sector, has revolutionized its customer experience by leveraging Elastic on AWS. Elastic's AI and ML features in Elasticsearch deliver accurate and relevant search results. This enhancement has not only elevated click-through rates by 4% but has also significantly reduced maintenance time by 42%, marking a pivotal shift for HSE's e-commerce business.

Elastic APM for iOS and Android Native apps

Elastic APM for native apps provides auto-instrumentation of outgoing HTTP requests and view-loads, captures custom events, errors, and crashes, and includes pre-built dashboards for data analysis and troubleshooting purposes Elastic® APM for iOS and Android native apps is generally available in the stack release v8.12. The Elastic iOS and Android APM agents are open-source and have been developed on-top, i.e., as a distribution of the OpenTelemetry Swift and Android SDK/API, respectively.