Collecting Actionable Bug Reports with Jira Service Management

This video takes a look at leveraging Jira Service Management linked with Jira Software to receive, route, and escalate bug reports for the appropriate response. Jira Service Management empowers everyone within an organization to easily report software bugs, and enables agents to easily create associated Jira issues. Most importantly, this capability does not require the need for an individual Jira Service Management license.

Encountering some turbulence on Bitbucket's journey to a new platform

The past week has been a turbulent time for Bitbucket Cloud's engineering and support teams as well as our customers. Some of you have expressed concern regarding our services’ performance and reliability in recent days. Fortunately, for the majority of Bitbucket users, our services have continued to perform smoothly. But given the number of developers who use Bitbucket daily, even a small percentage of our active users represents a lot of people.

Cycle Time Insight - Demo Den July 2021

Matt, a software developer on the Jira team building all things DevOps, shows off the brand new Cycle Time Insight and talks about how this insight can help your team go from issue deployed faster! Learn more about four key DevOps metrics to understand essential data DevOps teams require to have the visibility and control over their development pipeline.

Embeddable Request Widget in Jira Service Management

A Jira Service Management Widget is like a mini-portal that can be embedded on any web page that you control. Customers can send you requests from anywhere; no login required. With flexible customization, you can tailor a widget’s appearance and available fields, and check a preview before you add it to a webpage.