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Introducing A new Bitbucket pull request experience

Here at Bitbucket Cloud, we are focused on helping you and your teams have the best possible experience for code review. That's why we continue to add features like batched comments, marking files as viewed, AI-assisted pull request descriptions – and coming very soon, iterative reviews. We also want to give you the best possible experience navigating a pull request, which is why we're proud to be introducing a brand-new layout for pull requests.

Bring more context to your code with Compass

Understanding and interacting with code repositories can be frustrating: you often don't get all of the information you need to get your work done efficiently and effectively. Who owns the repository? What are its dependencies? Where do I ask for help about interacting with it? This lack of context around code, and the time it takes to find it somewhere in the bowels of your organization, slows everything down.

Create a custom merge check in Bitbucket Cloud to prevent merges containing exposed secrets

Caterina Curti (Sr. Developer Advocate, Bitbucket Cloud) shows us all the steps required to setup your workspace and repository to create a custom merge check in Bitbucket Cloud to prevent merges that contain exposed secrets.

Automate & orchestrate CI/CD at scale with Dynamic Pipelines in Bitbucket Cloud

In this video, Edmund Munday (Sr. Product Manager, Bitbucket Cloud) will introduce you to Dynamic Pipelines. Dynamic pipelines allow you to inject intelligence and flexibility into your CICD workflows, addressing the challenges of static YAML files. I will be showcasing an internal feature called Manage Builds that automates the entire process of creating CICD workflows, ensuring compliance with best practices & standardising CI/CD across a whole organisation - all whilst maintaining flexibility and autonomy for individual teams.

Introducing Dynamic Pipelines: A new standard in CI/CD flexibility

Bitbucket cloud is on a mission to become the world’s most extensible cloud SCM and CI/CD product, and we're thrilled to be able to share the next stage of that journey. Upcoming Webinar: Join us for a live-webinar on May 8th/9th, 2024 for a deep-dive into building your own Dynamic Pipelines. Today, we're announcing the release of a new capability in Bitbucket Cloud called Dynamic Pipelines.

Evolving Bitbucket Pipelines to unlock faster performance and larger builds

Bitbucket Pipelines has seen amazing adoption over recent years, with millions of developers and teams using it to build better software every day. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving performance and reliability, we are in the process of making enhancements to our cloud infrastructure. These changes will also unlock a range of powerful new capabilities for customers that will turbocharge their CI/CD workloads and empower engineers to focus more of their energy on building great software.

Upcoming changes to pull requests and merge check configuration

As part of the graduation of custom merge checks from open-beta to general availability (GA) that is planned for late-April 2024, we're making a range of changes to several areas of the core Bitbucket Cloud workflow. This includes changes to the core pull request review and authoring experience, as well as changes to how merge checks are configured within a repository. Different changes will be relevant to different audiences, so feel free to use the navigation shortcuts below.

Uplevel your DevOps automation with new Bitbucket Cloud extensibility

Today, modern software organizations’ requirements for DevOps tooling has become more sophisticated and bespoke. We hear from many customers that they are building large, complex systems to augment and extend their DevOps workflows in ways that don't work well with the tools they're using. This is why Bitbucket Cloud is on a mission to become the world's most extensible cloud SCM and CI/CD product.

Scaling CI/CD pipelines in Bitbucket Cloud | The Developer's Edge | Atlassian

Accelerate delivery by sharing CI/CD pipelines across repositories in Bitbucket cloud. This feature allows developers across your team to reuse pipeline scripts without having to copy/paste or rewrite them. Developers can focus on building features while release managers can rest assured that pipeline best practices are followed and code is compliant with their policies. Connect with Atlassian.