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Shaping an Observability Journey for the Future

The world of IT has gone through a significant amount of change in the last five to 10 years, and the rate of digital transformation can be challenging for organizations of all sizes. Keeping up with new and evolving capabilities alongside an increasingly distributed talent pool can be tough. That’s why it has always been my goal to keep up with the latest trends and provide the best tools for professionals working in the IT trenches. One of those emerging trends is observability.


EKS Pricing 101: A Guide To Understanding EKS Costs

AWS did not intend to build Amazon EKS; it simply had to. Kubernetes adoption beamed light years ahead of AWS' own managed container orchestration service. This forced AWS to develop a managed service to accommodate customers who wanted to use upstream Kubernetes but did not want to do the management themselves. As soon as AWS got around to it, it knocked the Kubernetes-based container management service out of the park.


Outer Joins in Flux

Joins are a common transformation in any query language, and as part of the effort to make Flux an increasingly valuable tool for our users, the engineers on InfluxData’s query team created, and continue to maintain, two separate join functions. And while these solutions have met some of our users’ needs, they both lack one key feature: support for outer joins.


New! Common Automated Diagnostics for AWS Users

Today’s modern cloud architectures centered on AWS are typically a composite of ~250 AWS services and workflows implemented by over 25,000 SaaS services, house-developed services, and legacy systems. When incidents fire off in these environments—whether or not a company has built out a centralized cloud platform—distinct expertise is often a necessity.


Protect your StatusGator Account with Two-Factor Auth

StatusGator now supports Two-Factor Authentication, often called 2FA, a more secure way of signing into your account. Using an authenticator app such Google Authenticator, Authy, or a password manager like 1Password, you can now protect your StatusGator account with a second authentication factor, a one-time password (OTP) that you enter after signing in.

Asset Infinity

What Are the Benefits of Tracking Consumables with an Inventory Management System?

Inventory is an important part of asset management. In order to perform maintenance efficiently, it is crucial to have inventory available. Otherwise, not only the time of the maintenance team will be wasted, but they will also have to repeat the process again. However, there are consumables that are the hardest to keep track of, because they are small and frequently used. These consumables are nuts, bolts, helmets, gloves, etc.


5 Tips to Optimize Your Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring is a useful tool that ensures your site is both UP and performs well, and configuration matters. Optimized synthetic monitoring looks for necessary elements along a focused goal pathway. A poorly configured check can add precious seconds to a Transaction and trigger unwanted Global Timeout errors. Today, we’re going to do a deep dive on tips and tricks used by Uptime.com Support and Development teams to improve and optimize the Transaction checks we use everyday.