Portland, OR, USA
Jun 2, 2021   |  By Alexa Sevilla
This blog is the second in a four-part series on infrastructure automation for government agencies that are modernizing digital systems while grappling with budget and staffing constraints and the challenges of COVID-19.
May 26, 2021   |  By Demetrius Malbrough
Beaker is a Puppet testing harness focused on acceptance testing via interactions between multiple (virtual) machines. It provides platform abstraction between different Systems Under Test (SUTs), and it can also be used as a virtual machine provisioner setting up machines, running any commands on those machines, and then exiting. Recently, Vox Pupuli, a collective of Puppet community authors, has taken over responsibility to care and feed Beaker for its continued widespread community use.
May 25, 2021   |  By Peter DeTender
Kubernetes — a popular open source container orchestration system — enables you to easily deploy, monitor, and scale cloud-native application workloads in both private and public cloud environments. In other words, Kubernetes does the hard work of managing containerized applications, giving you more time to spend building it.
May 19, 2021   |  By Ben Ford
We have some exciting news for you about Puppet's support for the PowerShell DSC configuration framework for Windows. In short, content from the PowerShell Gallery will simply appear on the Puppet Forge and can be added to your Puppetfile and used just like any other Puppet module. This makes it by far the most flexible and maintainable iteration of DSC integration we've ever had. Pick and choose whatever DSC Resources you want and get all the VSCode IntelliSense magic you've come to expect.
May 18, 2021   |  By Molly Erdle
As your DevOps and IT Service Management (ITSM) teams continue to increase, so should your ability to provide self-service infrastructure capabilities. Whether you are a ServiceNow or Puppet administrator looking to expand automation to other groups such as Site Reliability Engineering or the IT Service Desk, the integration of Puppet Enterprise and ServiceNow is now at your fingertips.
May 17, 2021   |  By Margaret Lee
Security is essential. It’s top of mind for organizations of all sizes and it’s certainly a top priority for Puppet. The latest release of Puppet Enterprise 2021.1 now offers support for SAML 2.0 providing a more secure and efficient authentication path for our customers to access their Puppet environments, applications and tooling.
May 17, 2021   |  By Alexa Sevilla
The spring release of Puppet Enterprise is now available. Puppet continues to build out its flagship product to help organizations scale DevOps initiatives, meet compliance requirements, and deliver on cloud and hybrid initiatives. With this release, we’ve focused on delivering key enhancements to help boost productivity, giving organizations the ability to automate faster and more securely at scale.
May 12, 2021   |  By Alexa Sevilla
This blog is the first in a four-part series on infrastructure automation for government agencies that are modernizing digital systems while grappling with budget and staffing constraints and the challenges of COVID-19. The last 12 months have been a turning point for many government agencies. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the drive towards modernization and, with it, the need to ensure security and compliance requirements across a host of legacy systems and processes.
Apr 15, 2021   |  By Alex Hin
As we look to continue to provide value to our Remediate customers, we focused on how we create simple and effective workflows in the product. Our customers have told us there are some really important quality of life features that would go a long way in helping reduce the pain and frustration of remediating vulnerabilities and enable them to better communicate with their security partners.
Apr 12, 2021   |  By Eric Sorenson
Relay has a substantial library of external services and tools — as of March 2021 there are 60 integrations in our Github organization. Each integration repo can contain multiple triggers, containers that receive webhook payloads from other services, and steps, which Relay executes to get stuff done in your workflow.
Jun 10, 2021   |  By Puppet
Today Lauren chats with James Pogran, Principal Software Engineer at Puppet, about the extremely fast, customizable, and flexible content templates.
May 24, 2021   |  By Puppet
The Inevitability of Self-Healing Infrastructure with Kenaz Kwa from Puppet
May 24, 2021   |  By Puppet
Managing Hybrid Cloud with Puppet: Co-Location Demo and Cloud Management Discussion with John Laffey from Puppet.
May 24, 2021   |  By Puppet
Painless Multi-cloud Kubernetes with Puppet with Jo Rhett, Sr. Engineer, Cloud Security & Infrastructure of Tubi.
May 24, 2021   |  By Puppet
Overcoming Challenges in Adopting Multi-cloud with Dries Dam from Bryxx and Kenaz Kwa from Puppet.
May 24, 2021   |  By Puppet
Unlocking High Performing Teams with Open Source with Tracy Miranda, Executive Director of Continuous delivery Foundation (CDF).
May 19, 2021   |  By Puppet
Puppet Spoke empowers your team to deliver changes in a faster, more efficient manner by creating a single platform experience between Puppet and ServiceNow. Users can trigger automation workflows such as installing packages, rebooting machines, and orchestrate changes across their environments without ever leaving ServiceNow.
Apr 22, 2021   |  By Puppet
Keynote with Nigel Kersten from Puppet.
Apr 1, 2021   |  By Puppet
Relay is easy to use workflow automation tool for cloud infrastructure operations. Build and share fully automated workflows in minutes instead of days. Ensure hybrid cloud environments are secure, compliant, and cost-efficient. Improve operational efficiency with increased reliability, minimized hiring of specialized roles, and reduced time to recovery through automation that the whole organization can use.
Mar 30, 2021   |  By Puppet
Automating Compliance by Taking a Model-Driven Approach with Alex Hin from Puppet.
Jul 13, 2020   |  By Puppet
As organizations move along their digital transformation journey, they will encounter technical challenges and pitfalls along the way. While the destination offers many benefits, getting there can be hard. It takes experience and knowledge, along with technical expertise, to navigate this path to a more agile, flexible organization. Learn how to get there in this white paper.
Jul 13, 2020   |  By Puppet
A primary goal of most DevOps initiatives is to increase the speed and agility of software development and delivery. Unfortunately, this objective often seems to be at odds with good security practices, reducing the window of time for security assessment and introducing new attack vectors. But DevOps and security don't have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, the principles that drive good outcomes for software development can also lead to more secure infrastructure. Read the ebook for guidance on designing a DevOps workflow that incorporates - and enhances - security.
Jul 1, 2020   |  By Puppet
If you're managing an IT team, you may be turning to DevOps as the path to faster delivery of software. DevOps can help your team become more efficient - and your organization more competitive - but you'll need to be able to communicate to your team why things are changing and how their usual working practices are likely to alter. In this guide we tease out the whys and hows of DevOps as you work with your team and the approaches that make a DevOps initiative successful.
Jul 1, 2020   |  By Puppet
Speeding remediation reduces the cost of compliance and vulnerability of the IT estate. When looking for issues that slow remediation, notice the hand off from security to IT. Download this free resource to learn how the interaction between IT and Security can be improved to speed compliance.
Jun 1, 2020   |  By Puppet
With the proliferation of high-profile hacks, data breaches and ransomware, it's easy to feel insecure about your organization's security these days. But not all security issues have to do with purposeful hacks and attacks. For many IT teams, the challenge is maintaining strict rules and regulatory requirements for everything from credit card data to health information privacy. Failing to maintain compliance can put your organization at risk of everything from lost business to substantial fines - or worse.
Jun 1, 2020   |  By Puppet
With the right foundation and optimizations, your teams can successfully adopt continuous delivery practices - and deliver software faster, with fewer bugs and lower risk. If you're getting started with continuous delivery or evolving your approach, there are a few strategic considerations that can keep you on the right path.
May 1, 2020   |  By Puppet
In this paper, we talk about four common challenges to today's software delivery automation and discuss how you can overcome those challenges. Continuous delivery (CD) enables organizations to deliver quality software in record time, helping businesses meet rapidly growing and changing demands. As CD practices and tools have matured, more organizations and teams are beginning - or are well down the path of - their own journeys, using automation to speed up software delivery.
May 1, 2020   |  By Puppet
Are you looking to migrate from your on-premises data center to AWS - or to accelerate the process? Or would you like a simple and reliable way to manage your infrastructure and applications across all your environments? Puppet can help.

Puppet is driving the movement to a world of unconstrained software change. Our revolutionary platform is the industry standard for automating the delivery and operation of the software that powers everything around us.

It isn’t humanly possible to keep up with the constant innovation and risks that new technology brings. Automation has become a requirement, and Puppet sets the standard for delivering and managing your IT estate predictably and at scale. Our solutions automate how you continuously deliver, make compliant, remediate, and manage your multi-cloud environment. So you can focus on more important things in your life.

Use Cases:

  • Continuous Delivery: Ship more, do more with the right continuous delivery workflows and tools to increase your development and operations teams’ agility. They lower time to value of your infrastructure and the software it runs.
  • Continuous Compliance: The alphabet soup of regulatory standards and security best practices you try to comply with — and the associated penalties for not doing so — are no joke. Auditors expect your teams to implement and abide by operational, security, and regulatory policies 24/7, and to prove it when they show up.
  • Incident Remediation: With the proliferation of high-profile hacks, data breaches, and ransomware, it’s easy to feel insecure about your organization’s security. You have to protect your company like never before — particularly as your infrastructure grows and diversifies, presenting a broader surface for attackers.
  • Configuration Management: Are you spending more time fighting fires than deploying new, innovative services and applications? You are not alone. Most IT teams say it takes weeks, even months, to deploy critical applications. There’s got to be a better way to manage infrastructure. With automation, you eliminate manual work, minimize risk of human error, and make it possible to deploy fast, safely and reliably.

Make infrastructure actionable, scalable and intelligent.