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What is OpenTelemetry? What OTEL means for Observability in 2022

The growth of technology has led to more efficient and relevant digital experiences, and customers continue to expect more out of those interactions. That’s true no matter their location and no matter which device they choose to use. Companies that cannot provide these kinds of personalized interactions for their customers find themselves falling behind the competition as technology continues to advance.


Tracking Core Web Vitals with Honeycomb and Vercel

Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWVs) are used to rank the performance of mobile sites or pages. It’s easy to see when your CWV scores are low, but it’s not always clear exactly why that’s happening. In Honeycomb’s new guide, Tracking Core Web Vitals with Honeycomb and Vercel, you can learn how to capture, analyze, and debug your real-world CWV performance using a free Honeycomb account.


Need a GPU For Your Next App? Cycle Has Your Back!

After months in development, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Cycle.io's support for NVIDIA GPUs (Beta). Combined with an already powerful platform that enables developers to focus on building, rather than managing, the addition of GPUs will further empower the development of accelerated applications which require a higher level of compute power.


Obkio Network Monitoring App Tour

Obkio’s Network Monitoring SaaS app was born from a need within the industry to simplify network performance monitoring for modern, decentralized networks. What are some of Obkio’s features, and how can you use Obkio to troubleshoot network problems? We’re showing you how in this network monitoring app tour - told through screenshots.


The Do's and Don'ts of Blameless Incident Postmortems

When an incident inevitably occurs, many organizations have a well-prepared incident management team that springs into action. Whether it’s a power outage or security breach, an incident can damage your company’s operations if not handled properly. A strong incident response team is critical to mitigating any negative impacts successfully. Furthermore, once your team resolves the problem, you should initiate a postmortem to detail the incident and record any lessons learned.


The Benefits of a More Modern, Agile, & Efficient Operations for MSPs

In today's business and IT environment, marked by constant change and transformation, if you’re a managed service provider (MSP), you are probably struggling to keep up. You’re faced with the need to modernize your operations, but the speed at which you can do so is constrained by years of accumulated complexity and chaos.


The Great Regret: Why Are Employees Leaving New Jobs So Quickly?

What happens when employees leave jobs they’ve had for years in order to pursue new opportunities – and then realize they’ve made a mistake? That’s the question many workers are faced with in 2022, as the Great Resignation has paved the way for a new trend in the labor market: the Great Regret. In 2021, when the job market restabilized more than a year after the pandemic began, we saw a massive uptick in workers leaving their employers for new jobs.


Log Forwarding with HAProxy and Syslog

Developing a strategy for collecting application-level logs necessitates stepping back and looking at the big picture. Engineers developing the applications may only see logging at its ground level: the code that writes the event to the log—for example a function that captures Warning: An interesting event has occurred! But where does that message go from there? What path does it travel to get to its destination?


Active Directory: Everything you Always Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Microsoft Active Directory is one of the most popular directory services. As of November 2017, it was being used in 12.8 million organizations with 950 million users, as stated by Alex Simons, director of Program Management for the Microsoft Identity Division. Initially previewed in 1999, Active Directory (AD) became so ubiquitous that it was later a general term for other similar services.