Sauce Labs

Self-healing E2E Tests with Healenium - SauceCon 2021

Do you want to spend less time on test maintenance and overcome the instability problems of end-to-end automated tests? With its self-healing capabilities, Healenium is an invaluable solution to overcome these challenges. During the session, EPAM Quality Architect Anna Chernyshova will show how, with a few updates to your Selenium script, you can adapt tests to deal with UI changes and fix issues with broken locators automatically.

Scaling Cypress, TestCafe, Playwright, and Puppeteer Tests on Sauce Labs = SauceCon 2021 Demo

In this demo Kunal Jain, Director of Product Management at Sauce Labs, will show you how to use new Sauce Labs capabilities to run your JavaScript tests at scale on Sauce Labs, while accessing test insights. In recent years, there’s been a shift towards JavaScript test automation frameworks. Today many Sauce Labs customers are using Cypress, TestCafe, Puppeteer, and most recently Playwright.

Mobile App Development and Testing Done Right with TestFairy - SauceCon 2021 Demo

Mobile testing is complex. You need to test your apps across multiple devices in different environments, and account for the varied conditions experienced by real users in the field. This presents a big challenge for the mobile development and QA teams. Adding to that, being remote, by definition, makes it hard for developers to understand what happened on a mobile device before an app crashed or when things didn’t work as expected. Further, the increasingly quality-sensitive users make it imperative for the modern mobile development and testing teams to deliver a flawless mobile experience with every release.

Simon Stewart: Dopamine Driven Development - SauceCon 2021 Keynote

Software development can be a real grind, but one thing that makes it more bearable is the joy of a passing build. Not only is that green bar important when you're iterating on a feature, but it's normally a vital part of determining whether or not your software can be released. Getting to a green build as quickly as possible allows you to experience that joy of a passing build more frequently, and allows you to verify that the next release is good more quickly than your competitors. It's a vital building block as we move towards Continuous Deployment.