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Introducing the World's First Dashboard for GitOps Environments

Defining multiple environments in Argo CD and promoting an application between them is one of most popular questions for companies that adopt GitOps for their applications. While we have offered several guidelines in the past for organizing your GitOps environments, today we are taking it further by announcing a complete product that helps you visualize the full lifecycle of an application as it moves through different stages. Meet the new Codefresh GitOps Environment Dashboard!


Using Helm and Terraform for Codefresh Gitops Installations

Last year we launched the Codefresh delivery platform powered by Argo. After the initial launch we started collecting feedback from all companies that tried it (as well as existing customers) and cataloged all feature requests and implementation ideas. The main goal is always to iterate quickly and address the most common issues in the most efficient way possible.


Multi-Service Progressive Delivery with Argo Rollouts

In the previous article of the series, we explained how to use Configmap generators in order to use Progressive Delivery for your configuration (and not just the container images). In this post, we will also cover another popular question: how to use Argo Rollouts with multiple services. Argo Rollouts is a Kubernetes controller that allows you to perform advanced deployment methods in a Kubernetes cluster. By default, it only supports a single service/application.

Merging to Main #7: Scaling CI/CD Across Languages & Technologies

Language specific companies used to be the norm because of the complexities of switching programming languages between projects and toolsets. In the last decade the entire market has shifted towards “use the best language for the job” which means achieving efficient Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) needs to be more than just language agnostic, it needs to be language empowering.

Using Argo CDs new Config Management Plugins to Build Kustomize, Helm, and More

Starting with Argo CD 2.4, creating config management plugins or CMPs via configmap has been deprecated, with support fully removed in Argo CD 2.8. While many folks have been using their own config management plugins to do things like `kustomize –enable-helm`, or specify specific version of Helm, etc – most of these seem to have not noticed the old way of doing things has been removed until just now!


Progressive delivery for Kubernetes Config Maps using Argo Rollouts

Argo Rollouts is a Kubernetes controller that allows you to perform advanced deployment methods in a Kubernetes cluster. We have already covered several usage scenarios in the past, such as blue/green deployments and canaries. The Codefresh deployment platform also has native support for Argo Rollouts and even comes with UI support for them.

Merging to Main #5: Coexisting Between Kubernetes & Legacy Tech with Mark Panthofer, Nvisia

Are you trying to balance your CI/CD resources and effort between Kubernetes and your legacy tech? Don't know how to encourage adoption of the new processes? On this episode of Merging to Main, we'll cover just that. This episodes guest is Mark Panthofer, VP of DevOps & Cloud at nvisia and, during this session, Brandon and Mark discuss how your CI/CD can coexist between two distinct technology worlds.

Database Migrations in the Era of Kubernetes Microservices

In our extensive guide of best ci/cd practices we included a dedicated section for database migrations and why they should be completely automated and given the same attention as application deployments. We explained the theory behind automatic database migrations, but never had the opportunity to talk about the actual tools and give some examples on how database migrations should be handled by a well disciplined software team.