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System Administrators: Everything You Need to Know to Become a SysAdmin

Having a reliable IT infrastructure is crucial to the health of your company or organization. And while this is generally true, it’s doubly so in our current times, where practically everything is digital. So, who is the lucky one to make general decisions about how to run a system efficiently — and keep it going? That would be the System Administrator. But what does a SysAdmin actually do? That's what we'll answer here!


The ABC of the Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a lean technique that has become deeply ingrained in the practices of IT service management (ITSM), DevOps, IT4IT, and Agile (Scrum, SAFe, Kanban). Over a century old, VSM is the best technique to obtain a customer-focused agreement on improving a cross-departmental flow of activities. It’s a simple concept but difficult to begin and sustain in practice. In this article, we will: Let’s begin!


Docker Logging - A Complete Guide to Logs in Docker

Log analysis is a very powerful feature for an application when it comes to debugging and finding out which flow is working properly in the application and which is not. Log management helps the DevOps team debug and troubleshoot issues faster, making it easier to identify patterns, spot bugs, and ensure they don’t come back to bite you! In this article, we will discuss log analysis in Docker and how logging in Docker containers is different than in other applications.


Cloud certifications for the security of your data

More and more companies around the world are using cloud solutions to run their applications, software or to store their data. But what about cloud compliance? The democratisation of the cloud is not surprising as it provides access to virtual data storage where companies no longer need to buy or maintain their own IT infrastructure. However, with cloud solutions, the security of user data should not be overlooked. There are cloud certifications and regulations that can help you in your choice.


Driving a customer-focused incident response process

Deep into an incident, Slack firing, up to your ears in decisions, not sure where to turn next? It’s easy for external communication with your customers to fall far down the list of priorities in these moments. However, these are the exact situations where comms are vital, and where underestimating their importance can having damaging and lasting effects on your organisation.


Three Ways a Proactive Defense Strategy Can Prevent Cyberattacks

Schools and local municipalities have always been vulnerable to cyberattacks, but in recent years, especially since the pandemic's beginning, they have been increasingly more prone to threats. According to a statement by DHS, ransomware attacks " crippled state and local agencies in 2020," calling for a State and Local Cybersecurity Improvement Act to set a baseline for new changes with cybersecurity efforts at the state and local level.


OneDrive or Google Drive? All About Big Tech's Two Biggest Cloud Services

There are many cloud storage services on the market today, but the most popular ones are Google Drive and OneDrive. Without a doubt, they provide numerous benefits, including cost savings, ease of information transmission, and flexible storage, among others. Both cloud storage systems are powerful and have several advantages for regular work and life. They are very similar and pretty evenly matched, so we understand how difficult it might be to decide which one to primarily utilize.


Expedite infrastructure investigations with Kubernetes Anomalies

Modern Kubernetes environments are becoming increasingly complex. In 2021, Datadog analyzed real-world usage data from more than 1.5 billion containers and found that the average number of pods per organization had doubled over the course of two years. Organizations running containers also tend to deploy more monitors than companies that don’t leverage containers, pointing to the increased need for monitoring in these environments.