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Product updates sidebar is here!

We’re excited to share a handy new update that’s all about keeping you informed: the Product Updates Sidebar. StatusGator is moving fast and investing heavily in our product. Staying informed about the latest tweaks and improvements just got a whole lot easier. Our new sidebar feature puts all the updates right at your fingertips, so you can stay in the know without breaking a sweat. Curious about what’s been changed or fixed? Our detailed changelog has you covered.

Top 10 Change Management Tools

Changes to software are inevitable and fundamental part of growth for any organization, however, change is often not straightforward. It can affect numerous aspects of a company and requires collaboration among all stakeholders. This is where change management tools come in to assist you with this. There’s currently a wide range of change management tools available, each providing benefits to specific scenarios and weaknesses to others.

Dear ITSM - We need to talk...

Dear IT Service Management, After ten years of working in different areas of tech, I've seen a lot of things, from cybersecurity to DevOps to ITSM. I've discovered that no matter what industry you're in, they all have one thing in common: they're overcomplicated to bits (ha, pun intended. Get it? Bits... tech...). ITSM is no exception. When talking to customers and industry experts, the pain points experienced are essentially the same.

The Definitive Guide to ITSM Frameworks [+Free Downloadable Cheat Sheet]

If your organization is looking for guidance on IT Service Management (ITSM), there are many possible sources of help. Though some approaches are more popular than others, several ITSM frameworks can be useful to organizations. These procedures can be used alone or blended, so your organization can take what it needs from one or all of these ITSM best practice guidance bodies.

Protecting Public Health: Strategies for Handling Legionella Outbreaks

Legionella bacteria pose an immediate and serious threat to public health when present in water systems, potentially leading to Legionnaires' disease - an extreme form of pneumonia caused by being exposed to Legionella bacteria. Therefore, effective outbreak management must take place. One key preventive measure used by officials to safeguard their citizens includes legionella water sampling which allows early detection of potential outbreaks within water networks.