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Kubernetes Monitoring: Best Practices and Essential Tools

As Kubernetes adoption continues to surge across various industries, the need for robust monitoring solutions is more critical than ever. Effective Kubernetes monitoring not only ensures the health and performance of your containerized applications but also provides valuable insights for troubleshooting and optimizing your infrastructure. However, Kubernetes's distributed and dynamic nature presents unique challenges regarding monitoring and observability.

Elastic Universal Profiling: Delivering performance improvements and reduced costs

In today's age of cloud services and SaaS platforms, continuous improvement isn't just a goal — it's a necessity. Here at Elastic, we're always on the lookout for ways to fine-tune our systems, be it our internal tools or the Elastic Cloud service. Our recent investigation in performance optimization within our Elastic Cloud QA environment, guided by Elastic Universal Profiling, is a great example of how we turn data into actionable insights.

Bridging the Skills Gap in Data Centers with DCIM Software

The Uptime Institute’s 2022 Global Data Center Survey highlights a growing challenge for operators: attracting and retaining qualified staff. With 53% struggling to find skilled employees and 42% losing staff to competitors—a sharp rise from 17% in 2018—there’s a clear need for solutions. DCIM software emerges as a key response, offering a holistic view of data center operations. This includes monitoring power usage, cooling systems, server space, and network operations.

Unlock the Potential of Digital Government: How Agencies Can Improve Citizen Access to Digital Services

Government agencies are embracing digital modernization to transform the delivery of public services and reimagine the constituent experience. Recent research shows that citizens have a clear preference for engaging with government through websites and mobile applications over in-person or telephone interactions, just as the experience in their everyday life as commercial consumers – creating a win-win for governments and constituents.

What are the differences between artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and generative AI?

While deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) may seem to be used synonymously, there are clear differences. One school of thought is that artificial intelligence is a larger umbrella category under which machine learning falls and deep learning falls under machine learning. Therefore, while everything that is categorized as deep learning or machine learning is part of the artificial intelligence field, not everything that is machine learning will be deep learning.

Takeaways from BigPanda 24

Last week saw several big milestones for BigPanda. We launched several new AI-driven capabilities (see below). And we had the privilege of meeting with more than 40 IT operations leaders from customers, including Disney, Nvidia, Autodesk, Lucid Motors, Intel, and Blue Shield, at our customer event, BigPanda 24. Representing some of the most innovative organizations in business and technology, these influencers joined us as part of our customer and technical advisory boards.

Reduce MTTR with BigPanda Similar Incidents

There’s wisdom in past experiences — if you can access it. During live incidents, teams often look for parallels to past situations in their investigation process. Finding the answers is a time-consuming and manual process. You first have to identify similar incidents, then review historical data for insights and details on how previous teams resolved them. There’s no time to waste when SLAs are at stake. Yet that’s how many operators spend their time.

Monitoring Policies: Network Rules

AppNeta by Broadcom recently introduced monitoring policies that streamline monitoring setup and maintenance, significantly reducing the time needed to manage your monitoring. AppNeta is now introducing a range of new network rules in monitoring policies. These rules extend monitoring policies and make it simple to select the networks that should be monitored. This update is designed to further simplify your ongoing operations, particularly in managing dynamic, diverse networks.

Building Modern REST APIs with OpenAPI

No, I'm not talking about 'OpenAI', though you certainly can use it to assist in your API designs. I'm talking about the OpenAPI standard, a modern spec for defining REST APIs. If you're reading this, I probably don't need to tell you that REST APIs are ubiquitous in tech. Practically every company has at least one, whether it be an internal or customer facing API. While other types of APIs have been gaining traction the last few years (GraphQL, gRPC, etc), REST is here to stay.

The loser tree data structure: How to optimize merges and make your programs run faster

“Okay,” said Bryan Boreham, distinguished engineer at Grafana Labs, as he took to the stage at GopherCon 2023 in September. “Who loves algorithms?” A room full of software engineers raised their hands in response — and with that, Bryan kicked off his talk at the annual event dedicated to the Go open source programming language. GopherCon 2023, which took place in San Diego, Calif.