Kubernetes Logging Simplified - Pt 2: Kubernetes Events

In my first post in the Kubernetes Logging Simplified blog series, I touched on some of the ‘need to know’ concepts and architectures to effectively manage your application logs in Kubernetes – providing steps on how to implement a Cluster-level logging solution to debug and analyze your application workloads. In my second post, I’m going to touch on another signal to keep an eye on: Kubernetes events.


Monitoring Windows Event Logs - Getting Started

Windows event logs are important for security, troubleshooting, and compliance. When you analyze your logs, you can monitor and report on file access, network connections, unauthorized activity, error messages, and unusual network and system behavior. However, Windows servers produce tens of thousands of log entries every day.


Kubernetes Logging Simplified - Pt 1: Applications

If you’re running a fleet of containerized applications on Kubernetes, aggregating and analyzing your logs can be a bit daunting if you’re not equipped with the proper knowledge and tools. Thankfully, there’s plenty of useful documentation to help you get started; observIQ provides the tools you need to gather and analyze your application logs with ease.


observIQ's Stanza Log Agent Now Part Of OpenTelemetry Project

Today I’m happy to announce that observIQ’s Stanza Log Agent will become a key part of the OpenTelemetry project. This has been in the works for many months and the team at observIQ is thrilled to see it becoming a reality. We’re particularly pleased to see it happening just as we launch our log management platform which will be the first platform to take full advantage of the log agent technology now incorporated into OpenTelemetry.

observIQ Launches Powerful New Full Stack Log Management Platform to Beta

observIQ, a global leader of open source observability solutions for DevOps and ITOps, announces that it has launched a beta program for its new SaaS-based log management platform called observIQ Cloud. observIQ Cloud allows customers to seamlessly monitor multi and hybrid cloud environments at enterprise scale.