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Your BYOD Policy: Key Considerations, Daren Goeson, SVP Product Management, SUEM

See more insights into creating effective and secure BYOD policies in Ivanti’s research report: Secure Unified Endpoint Management. Daren Goeson, SVP Product Management, SUEM at Ivanti explores the essential factors organizations should consider when creating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and protocols. From use cases to data management, device compatibility to security implications, this video provides valuable insights to help organizations develop effective BYOD strategies.

How We Build Serverless AI with Civo and Deep Green with Matt Butcher & Chris Matteson

Join Matt Butcher and Chris Matteson from @fermyontech as hey explore how serverless AI is built using Civo and Deep Green. They discuss optimizing GPU usage, the advantages of WebAssembly, and demonstrate a practical application for sentiment analysis. Discover how Deep Green's sustainable technology is making a difference in AI performance and efficiency.

Demo: Kentik Network Observability for Hybrid Clouds

In this video, we demonstrate how Kentik provides comprehensive network observability for hybrid cloud environments, encompassing both on-premises and public cloud resources. We start with the Kentik map, showcasing active on-prem sites and cloud environments, then dive into specific examples of how to view and analyze traffic and connectivity. The demo covers how Kentik collects network telemetry from various sources, including AWS VPC flow logs, Azure NSG flow logs, and SNMP, to provide detailed insights into network performance.

Blackpoint Cyber & ChaosSearch | Customer Story

The leader in cybersecurity, Blackpoint Cyber, has teamed up with ChaosSearch, to create a next-generation data platform for log analytics for observability & security. We look forward to working with the Blackpoint team on tackling the rising costs & pain of ELK, while significantly increasing data retention, building a future-proof data platform for the increasingly challenging cybersecurity environment & AI-driven world.

Why Shift Left? Exploring Cost Efficiency in Agile and Waterfall

Watch the full session at: slrwnds.com/TC24 SHIFT LEFT: A Better Approach to DataOps Kevin Kline and Kevin M. Sparenberg You're familiar with DevOps, but have you thought about DataOps? Data Operations is all about breaking down barriers between data managers and data consumers. DevOps is centered on product development, while DataOps shortens the cycle time for analytics and align with organizational goals. In short, DataOps helps you make data-driven decisions.