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Azure Mangement Platform - Turbo360

Turbo360 (Formerly Serverless360) is an advanced Cloud Management platform that empowers you with significant Azure Cost savings and Infra Monitoring for complex Azure Environments. This tool has helped customers experience annual savings of up to 30% through advanced cost monitoring, granular analysis, optimization insights, and reduced incident resolution time by 80% through holistic infra monitoring across multiple Azure resources with business context.

Get started with FHIR service - Azure Health Data Services

Get started with FHIR service - Azure Health Data Services Interoperability in healthcare is crucial, but it's often hindered by varying systems and data formats. Enter Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), a modern standard revolutionizing data exchange. In this enlightening discussion, Azure MVPs Martin Abbott and Lex Hegt unravel the complexities of FHIR and its integration within the Azure ecosystem. Discover what FHIR is and how it facilitates seamless healthcare data sharing.

Azure Cost Analysis at the Service Name and Meter level

Azure provides a wide array of services, each with its own pricing model. Conducting detailed cost analysis helps organizations understand where their money is being spent within Azure. It allows them to identify areas of overspending or underutilization and optimize their resources accordingly. By analysing costs, organizations can identify unused or underutilized resources and either scale them down or decommission them altogether.

Azure Cost Monitoring: Anomaly Detection

In this video, Michael Stephenson demonstrates the anomaly detection feature in Turbo360, focusing on enhancements in cost monitoring. This feature allows users to easily identify deviations in Azure costs and receive alerts when anomalies occur. It simplifies configuration, enabling daily monitoring with alerts sent to specified channels. Anomalies can be detected at both high-level and granular levels, aiding in overall Azure cost management.

How to set up Azure budget alerts - A Step-by-Step Guide

Azure cost monitoring - Create and manage budgets When it comes to managing costs in the Azure cloud, it is essential to have a reliable system that can help you keep track of your spending and alert you when you are getting close to exceeding your budget. This is where Turbo360's Budgets monitoring feature comes in. The Azure Budgets monitoring feature in Turbo360 is designed specifically for Azure cost monitoring. It allows you to create budgets for your Azure resources, monitor your spending, and receive alerts when you are approaching or exceeding your budgeted amount.

Elevating Azure Management Solutions Together - Turbo360 Joins Forces with TwoConnect

We are delighted to share with you an exciting development that underscores our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional Azure management solutions. Turbo360 and TwoConnect, trusted partners in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, are joining forces to elevate your cloud journey to new heights. Our partnership with TwoConnect isn’t merely a recent collaboration; it’s a testament to the enduring bond forged over time.

Tailored Azure cost savings notification and alerts

When an organization attempts to reduce costs immediately, one of its go-to options is to look into the Azure advisor recommendations and take action on them. However, the biggest challenge for many customers is that they often do not know there are saving insights available to take advantage of and reduce thousands of dollars per year in Azure bills. This is because of a few reasons, as defined below;

Optimize Azure spending with Turbo360's periodic notifications

Is your Azure spend management getting out of control? You’re not alone. Countless businesses struggle with the exact problem, often lacking clarity on the reasons behind the cost spike. Especially within larger organizations, where multiple teams deploy Azure resources, the Azure costs can quickly get out of control without the necessary tools to effectively track the spending and evaluate monthly Azure spend against their business needs.

The Azure Cost Management Journey

Episode 3 of #FinOpsonAzure takes you on journey through Azure cost management and FinOps as industry experts Michael Stephenson and Ahmed Bayoumy delve into the nuances of optimizing cloud spend. Also, Ahmed illustrates a compelling real-world case where a client struggled with an unexpected surge in expenses, underscoring the significance of reliable cost tracking and reporting mechanisms. Discover how third-party solutions help enterprises with detailed analytics, empowering them to pinpoint areas for improvement and help with ways to cut down on unnecessary Azure spending.