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How to choose the right cloud provider?

With the need for cloud computing and cloud-native technologies, many businesses are moving workloads to the cloud. Hence, there will be a need for a cloud service provider. This blog will cover the steps to choosing the perfect cloud provider and how a multi-cloud approach can reduce costs. In our meetup with Mark Boost, Dinesh Majrekar, and Saiyam Pathak, they discussed the current state of the cloud industry, why costs are so high, how to reduce your spending, and looking at how Civo can help.


k3s vs k8s - The Difference Between k3s vs k8s

Our CTO Andy Jeffries explains how k3s by Rancher Labs differs from regular Kubernetes (k8s). Since we launched the world’s first k3s powered, managed Kubernetes service – we’ve had a lot of questions from our members on what the differences are between k3s and k8s (full blown Kubernetes), aside from the choice from each on how to capitalise a "K" (or not).


K8s Control Plane - Securing Kubernetes API with Intel SGX

Security in the cloud has become an increasingly important topic over the years, with the move to more managed services, additional trust is being handed over to cloud providers. With this being said, we must begin to pay closer attention to the security surrounding cloud computing, especially when it comes to Kubernetes. Join me as I explore the concept of confidential computing and a new use case we at Civo have been working on related to the Kubernetes control plane in managed clusters.

Reducing Your Cloud Spend - Civo Webinars

In this session, Mark Boost, Dinesh Majrekar, and Saiyam Pathak discuss the current state of the cloud industry and why costs are high, how to take steps to reduce spending, and how Civo can help. Mark Boost (CEO, Civo) explores the cost of cloud in this talk, looking at the history and current state of the cloud industry to uncover why costs are high and what can be done about it.

Unlocking the Potential of Machine Learning on the Cloud

Nowadays, when most people think about the term “machine learning,” they think of advanced, refined applications such as Chat-GPT, the chatbot-based deep learning text generator, or AlphaGo, the computer program that’s currently the “world's best player” of the board game Go.


Simplify management across cloud platforms with OpenCP

Managing your clusters has become a complex and confusing task. With scattered tools and the requirement to learn specific tools from cloud providers, many companies have trouble making the most of the cloud. That's where OpenCP comes in. Join us as we explore the benefits of simplifying management across cloud platforms with OpenCP. We’ll dive into the benefits of using OpenCP, how it works, and how it is built on the best practices of kubectl and kubeapi.


Scaling Your Applications on Civo Platform, A PaaS Solution

Managing infrastructure while developing, building, and running an application is difficult for developers. In fact, many businesses often struggle with infrastructure management besides managing their applications. To tackle this problem, Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS came into existence. PaaS provides a platform with a cloud-based environment for developers to develop and manage their applications with pre-configured tools and frameworks.