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Application Deployment to Civo with a Terraform Template

Join our CTO, Dinesh Majrekar, as he deploys the infrastructure needed to host any application on Civo. This session will use a new terraform template repo to deploy a cluster, install an ingress and let-encrypt helm chart all from terraform. Once these basics are in place, the cluster can be used in GitOps pipelines by other teams to actually deploy their code.

Understanding k3s: Architecture, setup, and uses

If you are looking into the cloud-native world, then the chances of you stumbling across the term “Kubernetes” is high. Kubernetes, also known as k8s, is an open-source system that has the primary responsibility of being a container orchestrator. This has quickly become a lifeline for managing our containerized applications through creating automated deployments.


Everything you need to know about CFPs

If you’ve been in the tech world for some time, you might have stumbled across conferences. For those who haven’t, tech conferences are events that organizations hold with the intention of informing and educating attendees on various products / services. The process for speaking at a tech conference includes submitting a “Call for Proposal” or “CFP”. In this article, we will talk about what a CFP is and the best practices for getting a CFP accepted.

The future of K3s and Kubernetes

Join us in our roundtable panel as we discuss how the future of k3s is being shaped by the industry and examples of how we utilize k3s applications. Kunal Kushwaha and Kai Hoffman, Developer Advocates at Civo, will address the concepts surrounding k3s as well as where the Kubernetes industry is heading. K3s is designed to be a single binary of less than 40MB that completely implements the Kubernetes API. This is recognized as a fully CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) certified Kubernetes offering whilst removing a lot of the extra drivers that aren’t needed.