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App Modernization: Mono to Micro with Steve Woodard

Steve Woodard from Kyndryl explores the intricacies of app modernization. Learn about the challenges, strategies, and benefits of transforming legacy systems to modern architectures. Steve shares his expertise on reducing technical debt, enhancing application availability, and leveraging AI for data-driven decisions.

Beyond Booleans: How Feature Flags and OpenFeature Can Level Up Your Next Project

Feature flags are more than just on/off switches! In this meetup, we will be exploring a variety of creative ways to use feature flags in your projects. From making safer deployments to running A/B tests and gradually rolling out features, you'll see how versatile and powerful feature flags can be. We'll also introduce the OpenFeature standard, which makes implementing feature flags more streamlined than ever. Whether you're new to feature flags or looking to get more out of them, this session will provide practical insights and tips to help you take your projects to the next level.

Ephemeral Environments: Redefining Pre-Production with Natalie Lunbeck

Natalie Lunbeck of Shipyard explores how ephemeral environments can transform pre-production processes. Learn about the benefits of on-demand staging environments, enhanced testing, and cost control. Join the discussion on implementing these solutions to improve your development workflow.

Platform Engineering: The Bedrock of Modern Development with Eddie Wassef

Join Eddie Wassef, VP and Chief Architect at Vonage, as he takes you through his journey from the early days of software development to the forefront of platform engineering. Eddie discusses the evolution of software, the impact of open-source, and how modern developers can build efficiently. Perfect for tech enthusiasts, developers, and anyone interested in the history and future of software.

Lessons Learned from Accidental Open Source Success with Ryan Clements

In this video, Ryan Clements from Byte Bot shares his experience integrating Storybook and Next.js. Discover the lessons he learned about automation, documentation, and open-source community engagement. Whether you're a developer or interested in software engineering, this talk offers valuable insights.

Shaping Tomorrow - Civo's Vision and the Future of Technology with Dinesh Majrekar

Join Civo CTO Dinesh Majrekar as he explores the future of technology and Civo's vision. His talk covers key industry trends, including the impact of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, Broadcom's acquisition of VMware, and the rise of AI technologies like ChatGPT. Discover insights on sustainable growth, hybrid cloud environments, and the importance of sovereign clouds and green energy. Stay informed about the evolving tech landscape and how Civo is shaping tomorrow.

An Introduction to CivoStack Enterprise - CivoStack's Impact and Innovations

In this presentation, Henry Godwin, former leader of VMware's Northern European Cloud Service Provider business, discusses the impacts of Broadcom's acquisition of VMware, the challenges faced by cloud service providers, and the innovative solutions offered by Civo and its CivoStack technology. Learn how Civo is reimagining cloud computing to provide simpler, faster, and better value services, staying true to the original promise of the cloud.

Beyond the Horizon: Navigating the Future of AI and ML Innovation Panel

In this panel Navigate Local discussion, industry experts Josh Mesout, James Gress, Brandon Dey, and Cate Gutowski explore the future of AI and machine learning. They discuss the shift from augmentation to automation in software development, the impact of open-source vs. proprietary models, and AI's role in democratizing access to technology. The panel also addresses concerns about AI's influence on human cognition and the importance of human oversight.

An Introduction to Distributive Computing with Dan Desjardins & Jeroen van Bemmel

In this talk at the Navigate Local talk, Dan Desjardins and Jeroen van Bemmel from explore the potential of ubiquitous computing and compute economies. They highlight how harnessing idle compute power from everyday devices can transform the digital economy and benefit communities worldwide. Watch the live demo to see secure, distributed computing in action, and learn how this approach can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and promote sustainability.