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Want to improve your incident response plan? Focus on better incident communication.

Resolving the incident is only half the battle when it comes to responding to incidents. For many teams, incident communication is an afterthought, leaving stakeholders inside and outside the organization guessing what happened. But ensuring that important information about the incident is disseminated clearly and quickly is essential.


How to deploy a React app to Kubernetes using Docker

The concept of containerization helps you run applications as lightweight virtual machines. As a web developer, setting up local development environments can be tiresome. However, using tools like Docker and Kubernetes gives developers an upper hand to quickly set up and deploy applications. This guide uses Docker to deploy a React app to Kubernetes.


How to Break Stuff with Chaos Engineering and Chaos Mesh

In 2011, a Netflix engineering team introduced the concept of chaos engineering with its release of Chaos Monkey. This was initially an in-house tool developed to orchestrate fault injection that Netflix eventually made open source. However, the reliance of Chaos Monkey on Spinnaker, another Netflix engineering innovation, establishes some limitations.


How to create your ChatOps bot

Communication within organizations has evolved from email threads to real-time chats. With the vast potential of real-time messaging, organizations are beginning to explore how they could make these chat applications do more. We now even have a name for this phenomenon — ChatOps. To get a taste of the power of ChatOps in action, let’s build a ChatOps bot that sits in a Mattermost channel with Errbot.


How to avoid losing your Slack message history

We understand how critical a message archive can be to your organization. Empowering you with complete control over your data—including your message history—is a key tenet of our mission here at Mattermost! If you’re part of one of the many teams and communities that use Slack to collaborate – take note: After September 1st, 2022, you will no longer be able to access your Slack message history older than 90 days on your free workspaces.