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  |  By Rami Pinku
In the world of Kubernetes, scale-down operations are crucial for optimizing resource usage and reducing costs. The scale-down process involves identifying underutilized nodes and efficiently bin-packing the pods to minimize the number of nodes required.
  |  By Shon Harris
As a recovering practitioner, one of the things I was always less than thrilled to do was patching. I dreaded having to run updates, ensure everything was configured correctly, and finding windows of time to reboot without knocking an application offline. Just like your cloud workloads — everything changes when it has to be done at scale. Kubernetes has always been built around the DevOps concepts of rapid development, delivery, and iteration.
  |  By Nofar Nakdai Livny
One significant challenge that every dynamic, fast-paced business in the cloud faces is efficiently managing their clusters’ workloads while minimizing unnecessary expenses. But it’s not just overages that these businesses must worry about. Especially common is the underutilization of resources, which can lead to unnecessary costs and inefficiencies.
  |  By Lauren Dyer
Did you know that companies typically waste as much as 35% of their budgets on unused compute resources? And, oftentimes, these idle resources are commitment waste — reserved commitments purchased at a discount but with the financial lock-in of one or three years. Commitments, such as Azure Compute Reservations (VM RIs), offer significant savings when compared to on-demand.
  |  By Lauren Dyer
Developing a successful Azure cloud operations (CloudOps) practice is the key to unlocking the full benefits of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. But Azure users often struggle to take full advantage of Azure’s benefits once they’ve made the move to the cloud. While it might be easy to build infrastructure inside of Azure and start spending money, ensuring your cloud infrastructure continues to support your organization’s business objectives as you scale is hard work.
  |  By Tzvika Zaiffer
Managing application updates in production and ensuring the reliability of software releases in Kubernetes environments can be challenging. Small changes can sometimes lead to unforeseen issues in production. These unexpected problems, combined with the lack of scalability and the high costs associated with managing complex solutions, can be daunting.
  |  By Li-Or Amir
Last week in Paris, at KubeCon EU 2024, platform engineering was the talk of the event. The topic had a full-day co-located event and also a dedicated track during KubeCon itself. Here’s what I’ve learned from sitting in keynote rooms and then standing at the Spot and NetApp booth till my knees hurt. (Spoiler: It was well worth it.)
  |  By Revital Vladimirsky
Many businesses operating in the cloud are looking for ways to reduce cloud costs, and enterprises using Google Cloud are no exception. One of the pricing models Google Cloud is offering to users is Committed Use Discounts (CUDs). This pricing model allows customers to commit either to a minimum amount of resource usage or to a minimum amount of spend for a specified term of one or three years. In return for this commitment, customers receive significant discounts compared to on-demand pricing.
  |  By Shon Harris
Another KubeCon has passed! Now that we have all (hopefully) recovered from the week in Paris with good food, wine, and catching up with colleagues, let’s talk about the important topics that took center stage at KubeCon EU 2024 this year. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the initial Kubernetes release, it’s evident that the growth and positive impact of containerized computing have revolutionized the industry.
  |  By Tzvika Zaiffer
Spot Ocean has been recognized as the sole leader and outperformer in the GigaOm 2024 Radar for Kubernetes Resource Management in the Maturity and Platform Play quadrant. The report highlights solutions that help organizations more effectively manage the increasing complexity of Kubernetes environments in the cloud. GigaOm evaluated a number of vendors on their ability to analyze and optimize Kubernetes resources.
  |  By Spot
In this episode, Shon sits down with Marino Wijay, a trailblazer in open-source community engineering. Marino, with his rich expertise in Kubernetes, Istio, EBPF, and more, delves into the evolution of networking, infrastructure automation, and the cloud-native landscape. Join us as we uncover the secrets of full-stack networking, CI/CD pipelines, and the principles of infrastructure as code, all while navigating the dynamic challenges and opportunities within the tech industry.
  |  By Spot
Welcome to our comprehensive DevOps tutorial on optimizing Kubernetes infrastructure! In this video, we will delve into the challenges faced by DevOps professionals when managing complex and dynamic Kubernetes environments. Specifically, we'll focus on the issue of idle resources and provide you with four effective techniques to minimize them with Spot Ocean.
  |  By Spot
With Pulumi you can easily provision Kubernetes resources on any cloud and take advantage of the optimization capabilities of Spot Ocean. This enables end-to-end, fully automated deployments that are both scalable and cost-effective.
  |  By Spot
In this episode, we sit down with the legendary Bernard Golden, a pioneer with over three decades of experience in technology and cloud computing. Bernard, having shaped the cloud strategies for giants like Capital One and VMware, shares his unparalleled insights into digital transformation, the intricacies of DevOps, and the relentless pursuit of innovation in cloud technology.
  |  By Spot
Developing a successful cloud operations practice is the key to unlocking the full benefits of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform in your organization. Learn how to get started adopting the CloudOps practices, processes, and tooling that will enhance engineering agility in your organization, reduce team burnout, and maximize your ROI from Azure cloud. Relevant Links: 🔔 Don't forget to hit the notification bell to get notified whenever we release a new video.
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Operating Azure cloud infrastructure at scale can be complex. This video provides valuable insights to help you optimize and automate your Azure cloud infrastructure. Relevant Links.

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