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5 business reasons why every CIO should consider Kubernetes

Many enterprises adopting Kuberetes realize that Kubernetes is the first step to building scalable modern applications. To get good value from Kubernetes, enterprises need solutions that can monitor and secure Kubernetes applications. Sumo Logic provides the industry’s first Continuous Intelligence Solution for Kubernetes to help enterprises control and manage their Kubernetes deployments.


5 Tips for Preventing Ransomware Attacks

You don't need to be a cybersecurity expert to know that ransomware attacks have become one of today's greatest IT security threats. From WannaCry to the attack against the city of Atlanta, major ransomware exploits have become so commonplace in the last few years that they may seem impossible to avoid. Fortunately, preventing ransomware is far from impossible. Let's take a look at a few strategies you can put in place to mitigate your risk of becoming part of the next ransomware statistic.

Pokemon - Next Generation SOC From Theory to Practice

This session will focus on developing a modern security operations center (SOC) from the ground up leveraging progressive technologies and process. Pokemon will cover the original plan and execution strategy over the past 18 months. They will also highlight Sumo Logic's role in both security architecture and operations and map the map ahead for both Sumo and our SOC.

How to Collect Kubernetes Data

Now that we understand what machine data is available to us, how do we get to this data? The good news is that Kubernetes makes most of this data readily available, you just need the right tool to gather and view it. The solution we will discuss here heavily utilizes open source tools for collection and data enrichment because of their deep integrations and overwhelming community support.


We Live in an Intelligence Economy - Illuminate 2019 recap

What a pleasure it was to see many of our customers at our Illuminate user conference, September 11-12. We had record attendance from customers, influencers, and partners. Our time was packed with keynotes, customer presentations (35 customer breakout sessions), certifications, sharing best practices, and time networking and having fun together.