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How DevOps Benefits from Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Competition is a funny thing. To gain or keep an edge against your competitors, you may need to push the envelope to use newer technologies and processes. But done wrong, that very technology or process could lead to your ruin. This is where we are with DevOps. The methodology that became popular in the mid-to-late 2000s is embraced by many companies . Done the right way, it will help your organization challenge its competition to keep up with customer and user demands.

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Troubleshooting Web Application Performance Meltdowns: A Real World APM Use Case

Today, it’s a common practice to SSL-enable web applications and websites. It’s beneficial for SEO and it is also needed for compliance. Many regulatory compliance standards mandate that websites are using SSL certificates. A key part of SSL-enabling a website is the configuring the SSL certificate.

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The Complete Guide to Understanding VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon

VMware vRealize® Operations (also referred to as the vROps) is a native solution from VMware that provides operations management across physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud environments spanning many VMware technologies and products. vROps is mainly used for performance monitoring and analytics, remediation and troubleshooting, capacity management and planning, workload balancing, log integration, security and compliance, and more.