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7 Secrets to Becoming a Citrix Hero: A Must-Watch Webinar For Citrix Pros

Things don’t always go right. And when things do go astray, you need to save the day. Especially in a Citrix digital workspace environment, there are too many things that could go wrong and affect application/desktop session access. When your end users are in peril, you – the Citrix admin, engineer, architect, consultant – need to become a superhero and save them: Diagnose the cause of issues they are facing and triage them to ensure seamless and uninterrupted connectivity.

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eG Innovations Named as a Top 10 Global Vendor for Continuous Application Performance Management

Continuous application performance management (CAPM) is a key focus area in the enterprise IT segment. With organizations increasing their focus on digital business services, monitoring and managing the application performance becomes paramount. When a digital business service is slow or down, it impacts the business adversely.

How Synthetic Monitoring Can Help Citrix Admins Go From Reactive to Being Proactive

One of the biggest pains in the life of a Citrix administrator is being called to troubleshoot a problem after it has occurred and end users are impacted. Every minute taken to diagnose the cause of the problem and to resolve it costs your organization dearly – lost productivity, reduced user satisfaction and increased operations costs.
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How to Troubleshoot Java Application Slowness Using Java Transaction Tracing

The performance of any application is measured by its availability and responsiveness. When an application is slow, IT operations staff must troubleshoot the cause of slowness, identify it and resolve it. While application performance problems may be caused by issues in the supporting infrastructure, often the issues are related to the application components themselves.

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Why is the Application Slow? Prove It’s NOT the Network!

The one complaint that an IT administrator dreads to receive is one where an end user says, “My application is slow!”. The application in question can be a web application, an enterprise application like SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, or a SaaS application like Salesforce or Office 365. Since the application is accessed over a network, it’s natural that the network team is pulled up first under the suspicion that it’s a network issue.

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Making Your Life Easier with Citrix Receiver Version Usage Reporting

Citrix Receiver (now renamed as Citrix Workspace app) is client software that is bundled with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and allows client devices to connect to various virtualization services offered by Citrix. Citrix Receiver is supported on various client platforms and form factors, including Windows, Windows Mobile, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, HTML5, Linux, Google Chromebook, thin clients, zero clients, Raspberry Pi and embedded operating systems.

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eG Enterprise Staffing Guidelines for Citrix Digital Workspace Services

Most Citrix professionals are well aware that when desktop or application performance is slow, the first finger tends to get pointed at the Citrix team. But even for complex ecosystems like Citrix, ITIL guidance like a Service Desk continues to be a long-standing ‘best practice’ and can help if IT staff work together. This post will outline some of the ITIL guidance from the perspective of eG Enterprise and a Citrix-based digital workspace.

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Citrix Troubleshooting 101: Frequently Asked Questions

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments are performance sensitive. There are many components both datacenter-side and client-side which must be optimally performing together to deliver a consistent and performing virtualized apps and desktops solution. With many different components in play, it can often be a challenging task for a Citrix administrator to determine the impact or cause of a Citrix related problem. Citrix troubleshooting nevertheless becomes challenging.