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Deploy Application and Infrastructure Monitoring to Ensure Successful Migrations and Upgrades

Constant changes happen in today’s digital world. New versions of applications, databases, middleware, and virtualization technologies are being released regularly – at least once every 6-12 months. Patches and upgrades to operating systems and changes to anti-virus software are being released in weekly cycles rather than months. As DevOps gets adopted on a broader scale, changes to applications will be even more frequent.

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Real-World Tips and Tricks to Tune Apache Tomcat for High Performance

Apache Tomcat, developed by the Apache Software Foundation, is an open source Java servlet container that also functions as a web server. While over 10,000 websites rely on Tomcat as a web server, a Plumbr of Java application servers showed that over 60% of websites that use Java technology relied on Apache Tomcat to host the business logic. Production environments must be high performing.

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Monitoring Best Practices for Citrix Cloud

The evolution of cloud computing has transformed all aspects of the IT landscape – how applications are deployed, how data is consumed and stored, how security is managed, and so on. A recent Forbes survey reports that in the span of 15 months, about 80% of all IT funds will be committed to cloud solutions. Cloud adoption has also started in the end-user computing (EUC) world.

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8 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Policies You Should Consider Tweaking

You have just deployed a new Virtual Apps and Desktops Site for your customer. You thought about what policies should apply in the environment, however you can’t possibly know them all. So, what you will want to do is to before deploying anything to end-users is shift through all the Citrix Policies on offer and configure them appropriately based on business needs and end-user requirements. There are many policies available. Luckily, you will likely not need to touch 80% of them.

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Top 9 WebLogic Performance Metrics to Monitor

Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) is one of the leading Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) application servers in the market today. Offering a robust, mature, and scalable implementation of the J2EE specification, the WebLogic Platform is a unified, extensible platform for developing and deploying applications based on Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA).

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Meet Our IT Performance Heroes: Wendy Howard

One of the best parts of our job is enabling you to become the best #ITPerformanceHero that you can be. But behind the scenes, eG Innovations is filled with talented team members who wear their own IT Hero capes, so we want to take some time to introduce you to some of the people who make eG Innovations the leading performance monitoring company on the market.

End-to-End Performance Monitoring for Citrix Cloud

It’s no secret that Citrix Cloud adoption is growing. As more organizations embark on their Citrix Cloud journey, it’s important to consider a well-thought-out performance strategy. Given the hybrid nature of Citrix Cloud deployments, it is challenging to detect performance bottlenecks. Relying on built-in Citrix tools is not sufficient to troubleshoot performance issues.
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Top 7 Tomcat Metrics for Java Performance Monitoring

The Apache Tomcat software is an open-source implementation of the ava Servlet, JavaServer Pages (JSPs), Java Expression Language and Java WebSocket technologies. Tomcat is often used as a backend application server that connects to other web-facing servers like Apache and Microsoft IIS. Tomcat also includes its own native HTTP connector that allows it to be used as a standalone HTTP server.

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Top 10 DevOps Tools

Over the years DevOps has become quite the buzzword. Although DevOps has been challenging to describe because of its abstract nature, it’s described mainly as a culture change, where Dev and Ops teams collaborate to establish a more agile and reliable framework that counts on trust, transparency, and seamless communication to improve productivity and speed of software development from code commit to deploy.