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Monitoring for Citrix Digital Workspaces

eG Innovations has been a Citrix partner since 2003. Those were the days when Citrix’s messaging was around “access”. Thin client computing and then server-based computing were the hot topics. Discussions around the efficiency of RDP and ICA ruled and Citrix Resource Manager was the best way to monitor a Citrix server. What was then Citrix MetaFrame soon became Citrix Presentation Server, then Citrix XenApp, and now Citrix Virtual Apps.

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It's Not about Agent vs. Agentless Monitoring Anymore

Talk about performance monitoring to any system admin or IT manager and one of the first questions they will ask is whether the monitoring is agent-based or agentless. The moment you hear that question, you know that they are interested in an agentless monitoring solution. Such is the fear of having agents on critical servers in the infrastructure! In this article, we will discuss.

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Extending and Integrating the Monitoring System with Automation and Scripting

One of the hidden gems within eG Enterprise is the ability to perform remote actions and automated tasks using built-in functionality. In conversations with customers and community peers, I often get asked why we at eG Innovations don’t offer functionality in regard to adding custom scripts and a community database of shared scripts.

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Monitoring Citrix Real Time User Experience: See What Performance Your Users Are Getting

User experience is the biggest and most important factor in determining the success of Citrix rollout in an organization. When end-users are happy with their virtualized applications and desktops, then everything is hunky dory and Citrix admins can focus on operations and maintenance.

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Application Slowness Troubleshooting:Prove it is not the Network!

This article was originally published on NetworkDataPedia. The one complaint that an IT administrator dreads to receive is one where an end user says, “My application is slow!”. The application in question can be a web application, an enterprise application like SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, or a SaaS application like Salesforce or Office 365.

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Why an OS Monitoring tool is not sufficient for Monitoring VMware and Other Virtualization Technologies

You have management software that you’ve used for your Linux or Windows servers. Can’t you just deploy a Linux agent and monitor a VMware vSphere/ESX server, or a Windows agent to monitor a Microsoft Hyper-V server? This is a very common question that comes up in any discussion on VMware monitoring and virtualization management. After all, when a VMware ESX server boots, the administrator gets to a Linux login prompt and can login to a Linux operating system.

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10 Key Performance Indicators to Consider When Monitoring Server Performance

IT applications are vital for today’s digital economy and for the business to succeed, these applications must be highly available and performing well. Application performance degradations can occur for several reasons. There may be code-level issues, database slowness, or network bandwidth constraints. IT applications run on servers and if the server is not sized correctly or is under-performing, application performance will degrade as well.

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6 Tips for Application Developers to Make Java Applications Faster

Application developers and application operations personnel are together responsible for ensuring that Java web applications perform well. In an earlier blog, we had discussed 7 configurations that Application Operations teams can use to make their Java applications high-performing. In this blog, we will focus on Application Developers and discuss 6 ways in which they can enhance the performance of their Java applications.

Does Deploying Citrix in the Cloud Make Performance Monitoring Easier?

The technology of cloud computing has caught up with virtual desktop infrastructures. Tapping into the agility and flexibility of cloud-hosted infrastructures, Citrix Cloud enables organizations to simplify digital workspace delivery. With many of the critical components of the Citrix delivery infrastructure hosted in the cloud and managed by Citrix, organizations can speed up deployment, lower hardware footprint, increase ROI, simplify IT operations. Despite the many benefits of Citrix Cloud, the performance management challenges still persist, just as they do in traditional on-premises Citrix deployments.
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7 Configurations to Enhance the Performance of Your Java Web Applications

There has been a lingering perception that Java applications are slower than applications written in other languages. So, if performance is important for your application, you should not be considering Java as the programming language to use. This perception was true about 20 years ago, when Java was initially used for developing applications. In the early Java implementations, it took a long time for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to start.