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Effortless error monitoring for Adobe Commerce: Introducing the free Magenizr Raygun module

At Magenizr, we’re always looking for tools to make life easier for developers and merchants. Not too long ago, we found ourselves in a bind. We were scouring the Adobe Commerce Marketplace and Github repositories for an error monitoring app tailored for e-commerce shops but came up empty-handed. New Relic was overkill for shops that just needed to pinpoint where errors were cropping up.
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Enhancing Aspire with AI: integrating Ollama for local error resolution

In this article, we'll explore how we developed an Aspire component that spins up an Ollama container and downloads a Large Language Model, ready for use. If you're new to any of these technologies, you can continue reading, otherwise feel free to skip to the technical walkthrough. As a quick bit of background, we recently released an Aspire component that brings a free, lightweight Raygun app into your local development environment to help debug exceptions. We then subsequently enhanced this with AI Error Resolution capabilities which runs entirely on your local machine.

Raygun4Net update: Portable PDBs and offline storage

We’re excited to roll out support for Portable PDBs and offline error storage in Raygun4Net 11.0.0. In this article, we’ll break down these features and how they can enhance your error identification and debugging process. Ever seen an error in Raygun but missing the file and line number in the stack trace? This happens when debug symbols aren’t available at runtime. With Portable PDB support, this issue is resolved.

Introducing Raygun AI Error Resolution for Aspire

Last month, we rolled out Raygun4Aspire, our Crash Reporting client for.NET Aspire applications. That release included a free, lightweight version of the full Raygun web app that runs locally. After the successful launch of our recent AI Error Resolution feature for Crash Reporting, we knew that we had to bring this feature into the Aspire local development experience. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that AI Error Resolution for Raygun4Aspire is now available for all Aspire app developers!

API update: Sessions, pages and Customers

Today, we’re excited to roll out 6 new endpoints for the Raygun API, making it simpler than ever to query Sessions, Pages, and Customers. Raygun’s Real User Monitoring helps you track and enhance your front-end and mobile page speed performance. It analyzes user sessions and page views to calculate your overall page speed. Previously, this required someone to log into Raygun, find the right application, and manually inspect sessions and page views in Real User Monitoring.
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AI engineering for AI Error Resolution

Smart engineering teams are working out how to use Large Language Models (LLMs) to solve real business problems. At Raygun, we're no exception, and we're committing our time and effort to developing AI software applications that bring value to our customers. Our first AI-powered release is AI Error Resolution (AIER), a novel Crash Reporting feature that takes debugging with ChatGPT to the next level. We know that LLMs have already dramatically increased software engineers' productivity.

Xamarin alternatives for cross-platform mobile development

Xamarin is now officially sunset, leaving many developers seeking other options for cross-platform mobile development. If you’re one of them, don’t panic. While Microsoft themselves have shifted towards.NET MAUI, it’s not the only option – there are several robust frameworks that can match Xamarin’s capabilities, and even introduce exciting new features and efficiencies. Let’s look at some leading alternatives to keep your mobile projects thriving.