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How to improve INP (the newest Core Web Vital)

From the first introduction of Core Web Vitals, Google has maintained that these user experience metrics will keep evolving. Since 2022, the Google team has been testing Interaction to Next Paint (INP), a new interactivity metric, and asking for feedback from the development community. Late in 2023, they announced that INP would replace FID as a Core Web Vital. The transition to INP is effective from March 2024.
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Ensuring software quality with integration testing

Before the Raygun API limited release last year, we'd been consistently receiving requests for a public API for a long time, to provide a way for our customers to access their Raygun data programmatically. We're now proud to say we're providing a public API with a range of endpoints, but it took us a lot of planning and development to get here! In this post, I'd like to take you back to the beginning of development on our big API project. Specifically, I want to walk through the pivotal decisions we made around testing when we started development on the project, and how (and why) these have paid off.

JS Toolbox 2024: Frameworks and static site generators

In 2024, JavaScript is bigger than ever. The ecosystem is just as huge, and almost impossible to keep track of – so I’ve had a go at picking out 2024’s most essential JS tools for you. In part 1 of this series, we reviewed runtimes and package managers, the foundational building blocks of your software project. So in part 2, we’re analyzing the tools which form the walls and roof that give your software project its structure: frameworks and static site generators.

JS Toolbox 2024: Bundlers and Test Frameworks

JavaScript is bigger than ever, and the ecosystem is nothing short of overwhelming. In this JS toolbox 2024 series, we’ve selected and analyzed the most noteworthy JS tools, so that you don’t have to. In part 1 of this series, we explored the foundations of any JavaScript project: Runtime environments and package management. In part 2, we focused on JavaScript frameworks and static site generators.

JS Toolbox 2024: Runtime environments & package management

JavaScript remains the world’s leading programming language, and with TypeScript now ascending to third most popular, JavaScript is bigger than ever! As a result, there’s a bewildering range of tools on offer for JavaScript developers. And just as any durable structure needs a solid foundation, successful JavaScript projects rely heavily on starting with the right tools.

JS Toolbox 2024: Essential picks for modern developers (Overview)

Staying ahead of the curve in JavaScript development requires keeping on top of the ever-evolving landscape of tools and technologies. As we head into 2024, the sprawling world of JavaScript development tools will continue to transform, offering more refined, efficient, and user-friendly options. This ‘JS Toolbox 2024’ series is your one-stop for a comprehensive overview of the latest and most impactful tools in the JavaScript ecosystem.
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Improving API error responses with the Result pattern

In the expanding world of APIs, meaningful error responses can be just as important as well-structured success responses. In this post, I'll take you through some of the different options for creating responses that I've encountered during my time working at Raygun. We'll go over the pros and cons of some common options, and end with what I consider to be one of the best choices when it comes to API design, the Result Pattern. This pattern can lead to an API that will cleanly handle error states and easily allow for consistent future endpoint development.

3 secure ways to handle user data in Raygun

You know the feeling: You’re right in the middle of cracking a really convoluted coding problem, when an urgent support ticket pops up. It’s not just any ticket; it’s from a VIP customer with a high-severity issue demanding resolution within an hour. You have to drop what you’re doing and scramble, completely context-switching and losing all your momentum.

The art of software engineering management

Like any leadership role, leading an engineering team in a mature, compact company like Raygun comes with both honor and responsibility. Leading a major development project is a bit like conducting a symphony orchestra, where every individual plays a crucial role and has a great impact on the work they release to customers and end-users.

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Symbolicating stack traces from Apple system libraries

In the world of software development, quickly finding and fixing errors drives better experiences for both end-users and developers. One key tool in this process is the symbol map, which records debugging information that was lost in the compilation process. Symbol maps (or source maps if we're talking JavaScript) connect the code developers write to the minified code in production, making it easier to decipher crashes by pinpointing the exact source code that caused the error.