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Tripwire ExpertOps: Managed Cybersecurity and Compliance

Welcome to Tripwire's Security-as-a-Service solution. Tripwire® ExpertOps extends your staff with experienced security professionals who leverage your in-house team. You’ll see rapid time to value with your choice of multiple services that can reduce your security risks and simplify your policy compliance—all hosted on a cloud infrastructure. Tripwire ExpertOps includes software, ongoing consulting, professional services, and cloud infrastructure in a single subscription.

Combining Monitoring Approaches For Well-Rounded FIM | Tips & Tricks Ep.2

Traditional, agent-based monitoring from Tripwire® Enterprise brings best-in-breed file integrity monitoring (FIM) to your organization’s IT infrastructure. In regular practice, an agent is deployed to a supported operating system to facilitate asset monitoring. But how do you enforce FIM on operating systems that have reached their end-of-life for support, or endpoints that aren’t able to have agents installed?

Turning InfoSec Success into Audit Wins | Tips & Tricks Ep.1

Security and compliance are different, yet complementary, disciplines. It’s important to understand their relationship to build a robust security program that can be used for audit success. Compliance is a kick-starter for building your security program, and security is an important focus to help ensure you are audit-ready. Join us in our Tips and Tricks series. We’ve curated this series for you, whether you are a customer looking to make the most out of your Tripwire investment, or you’re on the market for a new security solution.

Secure the Supply Chain with Center for Internet Security (CIS) and Tripwire

Events like the recent Sunburst/SolarWinds and Florida water plant breaches serve as a reminder that the supply chain needs to be secured just as much as your organization’s in-house infrastructure. Protecting the supply chain is a matter of implementing the right cybersecurity controls to your multi-vendor environment, such as the 20 Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls.

Tripwire Retail Security 2020 Survey: Key Findings

As online sales surge, retail cybersecurity professionals are taking additional precautions to protect their organizations and their customers’ data. On top of this, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven even more consumers to turn to online shopping. Tripwire worked with Dimensional Research to better understand cybersecurity programs in the retail industry as they prepared for the holiday season.

Secure Your Journey to the Cloud with Tripwire Configuration Manager

Tripwire can help you make your journey to the cloud more secure based on industry standards and best practices like the Center for Internet Security’s 20 CIS Controls. In this presentation, we highlight the cloud capabilities from Tripwire you might not already be aware of. See a guided demo of Tripwire Configuration Manager, and learn about common use cases around issues such as public vs private cloud storage security and multi-cloud compliance.

Tripwire Enterprise for Secure Configuration Management (SCM)

As the industry's leading Secure Configuration Management (SCM) solution, Tripwire helps reduce your attack surface and risk exposure with proper system hardening and continuous configuration monitoring. See how Tripwire enables you to maintain a secure baseline configuration, monitor assets for deviations, while automating and guiding security teams for rapid repair of non-compliant systems and misconfigurations.