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Securing Cloud Environments: Staying on top of cloud configurations to prevent data leaks.

Securing Cloud Environments: Staying on top of cloud configurations to prevent data leaks with PJ Norris, Senior Systems Engineer. Shares new research Shows common mistakes Offers solutions that help with hardening and compliance in the cloud

CIS Controls: Use Cases and Cost Justification

Across the cybersecurity community, there’s wide agreement that the Center for Internet Security’s 20 CIS Controls act as a gold standard framework for system hardening and attack surface reduction. What’s not so widely agreed-upon is the best way to implement the controls, as organizations have a surplus of cybersecurity solutions to choose from to get the job done.

Downtime Should Never Be Unplanned

After the onset of Covid-19, organizations pivoted quickly from a fixed, traditional kind of infrastructure to a virtual, distributed one to support remote workers and enable social distancing. The nature of stop-gap responses to this crisis opens your organization up to more risk, less resiliency and redundancy. How are you going to make sure your flexible architecture and dispersed teams can deal with penetrations, loss of connectivity and other outages? Now, more than ever, comprehensive governance across all of your infrastructure—in both IT and OT networks—is essential.

Design and Implementation of OEM ICS Cybersecurity Frameworks

It can be difficult to develop and refine cybersecurity initiatives when you face numerous obstacles like legacy systems, architectural changes and much more. Explore how you can effectively establish your security objectives and what you need to meet them with Tripwire's Robert Landavazo and Mike Zavislak from Baker Hughes in this excerpt from the SANS Oil and Gas Solutions Forum.

Developing Immunity: IT Security in the Era of Remote Working

This webinar explores new and emerging risks facing civil service security professionals, system managers and business owners, and provides ways to combat them.Paul Edon, Senior Director for Technical Sales and Services (EMEA) at global cybersecurity provider Tripwire, covers topics including.