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xMatters Support - Change Intelligence

Because digital services can experience thousands of changes per day, it’s critical to intelligently surface change information in a way that’s meaningful and actionable for resolvers. By presenting relevant changes within the context of an incident, resolvers can identify recently changed services, gain greater insight into potential root causes, and immediately take action to mitigate and resolve the issue. Let’s take a look at Change Management in xMatters.

Drag. Drop. Done | xMatters

Everbridge xMatters automates workflows to eliminate business-impacting digital events, leveraging analytics, automation, and AI to improve response time and resolution. We keep digital businesses running, reducing the frequency, duration, and associated cost of critical service disruptions. Build operational resilience and automate all the way to resolution with Everbridge xMatters.

Ultima Release - xMatters

The age of Ultima is upon us! While dragons, wizards, and dungeons may only appear on a fantasy map, it takes preparation and resilience to conquer the highest-level incidents in the real world. Let's explore what's new in your xMatters inventory: To help teams better understand the criticality of incidents, use service categorizations to sort your technical and application services into different tiers.

xMatters Support - Broadcast Groups

In xMatters, groups determine how and when people are notified using on-call schedules, escalation timelines, and rotations. But what if you don't use complex on-call schedules, or need to notify all members of the group simultaneously? Broadcast groups make it easier for customers who don't always need on-call schedules. Let’s take a look.

xMatters Support - Dynamic Groups

Dynamic groups are teams of users based on selected criteria. A dynamic group's members change depending on who matches the selected criteria at the time of an alert. For example, you can create a dynamic group that includes all users who have specific training (such as first aid or fire safety) in a particular physical location within your organization. You could base this on a custom user property that indicates the level of training each user has. As each user gains a certification, the group is updated to reflect that change.

Welcome To xMatters - Ep4 - Initiating Incidents

Everyone makes mistakes. So, it is important that when they do, we can act quickly, resolve the problem, and understand what went wrong to reduce the chances of it happening again. When your business is suddenly impacted by an unforeseen event, it’s important that you can efficiently report the problem and call for help as soon as possible. With xMatters, you can initiate incidents quickly and target specific groups with the vital information they need.