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AI + PSTN = Changing the UC Landscape

While last month’s Enterprise Connect 2024 (EC24) show seemed a bit light in terms of headline news, it did offer one high impact storyline around the integration of AI services with the PSTN. EC24 showcased the addition of AI services, including transcription and meeting minutes, to PSTN call using popular UC services (Teams, Zoom, Webex, Ring Central). While these have been in place for conference calls for almost a year, AI for one-to-one calls via the PSTN is new in 2024.

Ribbon Analytics - Discover What You've Been Missing

Would you operate a network with zero visibility? Don’t risk it, visualize your network and get ahead of the storm with Ribbon Analytics. It ingests your data. Regardless of the source. And the out-of-the-box applications will guide you through your network. Letting you see what you’ve been missing. Don’t worry, we’ve done this before… in some of the largest networks in the world. Here’s how you can get started with Ribbon Analytics: Visualize your network’s capacity -- no more guessing when you need to expand.

Practical Network Automation using Low Code Tools

Automation uses software to control network resources dynamically with minimal human intervention. It can speed up services delivery and keep the network running at peak efficiency, boosting revenues and reducing costs. With this potential, one might think that automation of telecom networks would be widespread, but that is not the case. Automation in telecom lags compared to industries like transportation, shipping, and cloud computing services.

Building An Intelligent Middle Mile

Middle-mile networks span from tens to several thousand kilometers and provide connectivity between last-mile access networks such as FTTH and mobile base stations and the core services and applications. The middle mile is essential for all operators looking to support new services. This can be both Service Providers delivering new revenue-generating services, or Network Operators delivering mission and business-critical services.

The Advantages of Pluggable Transceivers for all DWDM Solutions

For the first time, the newest generation of high performance optical transceivers are available in a pluggable form factor. Using 5nm-140Gbaud technology, these transceivers deliver blazing fast 1.2T wavelengths for short haul, and 800G over large geographic regions. As pluggables, they are a huge leap over the previous generation of bulky, power-hungry modules that needed integration into line cards.

Succeeding with Teams Phone in 2024

Moving to Teams Phone as your primary voice system can save money and provide a great user experience, or it can “crash and burn”. In a two-part workshop, I had the opportunity to explore insights to help migrate successfully to Teams Phone with Greg Zweig of Ribbon. (Ribbon was kind enough to sponsor both workshop sessions.) This article summarizes the information we covered in the workshop.