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Simplifying SLO and Error Budget tracking for SRE teams

Service level objectives (SLOs), and the subsequent service level indicators (SLIs) are the foundation to establishing a strong SRE culture and how they promote accountability, trust and timely innovation. We are on a mission to simplify SLO and Error Budget tracking and with that aim in mind, we have added the SLO Tracker feature to the Squadcast platform.

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Infrastructure monitoring using kube-prometheus operator

Prometheus has emerged as the de-facto open source standard for monitoring Kubernetes implementations. In this tutorial, Kristijan Mitevski shows how infrastructure monitoring can be done using kube-prometheus operator. The blog also covers how the Prometheus Alertmanager cluster can be used to route alerts to Slack using webhooks. In this tutorial by Squadcast, you will learn how to install and configure infrastructure monitoring for your Kubernetes cluster using the kube-prometheus operator, displaying metrics with Grafana, and configuring alerting with Alertmanager.

Top Five Pitfalls of On-Call Scheduling

On-call schedules ensure that there’s someone available day and night to fix or escalate any issues that arise. Using an on-call schedule helps keep things running smoothly. These on-call workers can be anyone from nurses and doctors required to respond to emergencies to IT and software engineering staff who need to fix service outages or significant bugs. Being on-call can be challenging and stressful.

Freshdesk + Squadcast: Enabling Streamlined Incident Response for Enterprises

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service platform used by enterprises that provides a centralized help desk(with the help of support tickets) across multiple channels, including email, phone, chat, and social media. Squadcast is an incident management platform that integrates with major monitoring, ChatOps and project management tools to provide a centralized place for reliability.

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How important is Observability for SRE?

Observability is what defines a strong SRE team. In this blog, we have covered the importance of observability, and how SREs can leverage it to enhance their business. Observability is the practice of assessing a system's internal state by observing its external outputs. Through instrumentation, systems can provide telemetry such as metrics, traces, and logs that help organizations better understand, debug, maintain and evolve their platforms.

Rundeck + Squadcast Integration: Simplifying Alert Routing

Rundeck is an automation tool that helps to make existing automation, scripts, and commands more secure, auditable, and easier to run. It is a software Job scheduler and Run Book Automation system that automates routine processes across development and production environments. It brings together tasks scheduling, multi-node command execution, workflow orchestration. It also logs everything that happens in the system. Squadcast is an end-to-end incident response tool.

SolarWinds Orion + Squadcast: Alert Routing Made Easy

SolarWinds Orion is a scalable infrastructure monitoring and management platform. It is designed to simplify IT administration for on-premises, hybrid, and software as a service (SaaS) environments, in a single pane of glass. SolarWinds Orion ensures you do not have to struggle with numerous incompatible point monitoring products, as it consolidates the full suite of monitoring capabilities into one platform with cross-stack integrated functionality. Squadcast is an end-to-end incident response tool.

Honeycomb + Squadcast Integration: Routing Incident Alerts Made Easy

Honeycomb is an application monitoring tool that helps DevOps and SRE teams to operate more efficiently by offering rich observability solutions and intuitive team collaboration. It helps understand complex relationships within your distributed systems and troubleshoot issues accordingly. Squadcast is an end-to-end incident response tool. Built with an SRE mindset, it streamlines all the incident response activities.

Salesforce Cloud + Squadcast Integration: Routing Detailed Incident Alerts

Salesforce Cloud is one of the leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. It provides a shared view of your customers and their relationship with the business. With Salesforce Cloud, users can automate service processes and streamline workflows. Squadcast is an end-to-end incident response tool. Built with an SRE mindset, it streamlines all the incident response activities. Squadcast aligns your teams towards a common organizational goal of better reliability.

How to Implement Global View and High Availability for Prometheus

Ensuring that systems run reliably is a critical function of a site reliability engineer. A big part of that is collecting metrics, creating alerts and graph data. It’s of the utmost importance to gather system metrics, from several locations and services, and correlate them to understand system functionality as well as to support troubleshooting.