ChatOps and Using Hubot for Incident Response

ChatOps is a method for using tools to execute commands, surface alert context and take action directly through chat. You can align human workflows with application and infrastructure health, making it easier to communicate and fix problems from a single tool. DevOps and IT teams are using chatbots like Hubot to execute commands directly from chat tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams.


4 Straightforward Things Every SOC Should be Doing to Counter Phishing

A recent study found that 83 percent of global organizations experienced phishing attacks in 2018. And yet, as high as that number is, it feels low. End-users continually struggle to identify deceptive emails, and sinister senders are invariably modifying their bait to be even better at appearing legitimate and evading defense mechanisms. This all adds up to phishing being as optimal of a cybecrime tool as ever. So, where does that leave the security operations professional?


Back to Basics: Infosec for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Too many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are under the belief that purchasing “This One Product” or “This One Managed Service” will provide all the security their network requires. If this were true, large corporations with huge IT budgets would never have data breaches! Before you start buying expensive new technology to protect your office network, take some time to examine your internal infosec processes. Make sure you are covering the basics.


What to Consider Before Applying CI/CD | A Beginner's Cheat Sheet

Continuous Integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is a complex part of any development cycle. It involves continuously integrating code into a shared repository to keep code progression amongst a team of developers running smooth and steady. This helps prevent merging errors, duplicated efforts and promoting collaboration to create a better product. That code is then thoroughly and continuously tested to keep problems from arising.


Elasticsearch security: Authentication, Encryption, Backup

There’s no need to look outside the Elastic Stack for apps to ensure data protection. Basic Elasticsearch Security features are free and include a lot of functionality to help you prevent unauthorized access, preserve data integrity by encrypting communication between nodes, and maintain an audit trail on who did what to your stack and with the data it stores. From authentication to encryption and backup, Elasticsearch security covers everything that’s needed to safeguard your cluster.


A new HQ for PerfOps - Our office

PerfOps began as a fully remote company with team members located all over the world. It allowed us to hire fast and move fast. But as the team grew the effective communication became a problem, especially because of the complexity of the products we are building. Now as we need to grow even faster it became apparent that to do that we need all team-members working and interacting in the same office.


Five Common Misconceptions About Link Building

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about link building, and what to do instead. These tips will help you understand how to use link building as an incredibly effective digital marketing technique. Many people think that generating a large number of links in a short time will help your site shoot up in the ranks. Although this can work in the very short term, it can also send a flag to search engines that your links aren’t the best quality.

super monitoring

How to monitor the proper functioning of a website

In times where it is possible to instantly access information, the website is the main point of communication with the market for every company. The website is often the place where the crucial first impression is built. It generates leads, sells, provides customer service, gets in touch with the media, recruits etc. It is the company’s website that the traffic from advertising campaigns gets directed to—and not only from the online ones.


Elastic Cloud Enterprise at Cisco

This post is a recap of a community talk given at a recent Elastic{ON} Tour event. Interested in seeing more talks like this? Check out the conference archive or find out when the Elastic{ON} Tour is coming to a city near you. Networking and tech giant Cisco Systems, much like any large organization, produces an enormous amount of data and content internally.


Loki's Path to GA: Docker Logging Driver Plugin & Support for Systemd

Launched at KubeCon North America last December, Loki is a Prometheus-inspired service that optimizes storage, search, and aggregation while making logs easy to explore natively in Grafana. Loki is designed to work easily both as microservices and as monoliths, and correlates logs and metrics to save users money. Less than a year later, Loki has almost 6,500 stars on GitHub and is now quickly approaching GA.