Breaking Down the Barrier Between Employees and IT

In the traditional enterprise architecture, IT departments are far removed from employees and often even viewed as a secluded area of the business. Sure, IT would come help you relatively quickly if your computer wasn’t working or an application kept crashing, but for the most part, the IT employees kept to themselves, working hard to keep the network up and running and ready to put out the occasional fire when called upon.

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Does Remote Work in Software Development Lead to Better Productivity?

Remote work is more popular than ever. Software developers often work with clients around the world, while at the same time, a growing number of large companies are embracing remote work. Countless studies show that remote workers are more productive. Not only that, but companies that allow remote working – whether that is only some of the time or going ‘all in’ on the idea, are saving a fortune in real estate.

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Why Is Troubleshooting “Citrix is Slow” So Hard?

“Citrix is slow” is one of the most common complaints Citrix admins hear on a daily basis. Somewhat ironically, Citrix itself is rarely the problem and the actual cause of the Citrix slow performance issues lies elsewhere. This can make troubleshooting “Citrix is slow” issues extraordinarily difficult to do. The primary reason why troubleshooting Citrix slow performance issues tends to be so difficult is that Citrix deployments often contain a complex web of interwoven dependencies.

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7 Secrets to Becoming a Citrix Hero: A Must-Watch Webinar For Citrix Pros

Things don’t always go right. And when things do go astray, you need to save the day. Especially in a Citrix digital workspace environment, there are too many things that could go wrong and affect application/desktop session access. When your end users are in peril, you – the Citrix admin, engineer, architect, consultant – need to become a superhero and save them: Diagnose the cause of issues they are facing and triage them to ensure seamless and uninterrupted connectivity.


Bring CA Operational Intelligence into your Citrix Monitoring

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is an industry leading solution that enables virtual application and desktop delivery. With its Flex Cast Management Architecture (FMA), it provides a platform for applications & desktops delivery, mobility, services, flexible provisioning, and cloud management.


Best Practices for Efficient Log Management and Monitoring

When managing cloud-native applications, it’s essential to have end-to-end visibility into what’s happening at any given time. This is especially true because of the distributed and dynamic nature of cloud-native apps, which are often deployed using ephemeral technologies like containers and serverless functions.


Introducing Pipeline Designer: Reinventing Data Integration

I am very excited to introduce Pipeline Designer, a next-generation cloud data integration design environment that enables developers to develop and deploy data pipelines in minutes, design seamlessly across batch and streaming use cases, and scale natively with the latest hybrid and multi-cloud technologies.


Demystifying Spark Jobs to Optimize for Cost and Performance

Apache Spark is one of the most popular engines for distributed data processing on Big Data clusters. Spark jobs come in all shapes, sizes and cluster form factors. Ranging from 10’s to 1000’s of nodes and executors, seconds to hours or even days for job duration, megabytes to petabytes of data and simple data scans to complicated analytical workloads.