Deploying Redis with the ELK Stack

In a previous post, I explained the role Apache Kafka plays in production-grade ELK deployments, as a message broker and a transport layer deployed in front of Logstash. As I mentioned in that piece, Redis is another common option. I recently found out that it is even more popular than Kafka! Known for its flexibility, performance and wide language support, Redis is used both as a database and cache but also as a message broker.


On the Horizon: End of Splunk Support for Enterprise 6.x - 7.0

Close to twenty years ago, I worked on the Windows XP launch team. For its era, XP was a game changer – the most polished, reliable, and secure Windows OS ever. For years...which became decades...following the release, when I visited hotels and peeked at the receptionist’s desktop, or when I rode in an elevator and peered at the display screen, I was pleased and then dismayed to discover Windows XP powering those systems.

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Migrating From On-Prem to GCP: Storage

An essential aspect of every migration to the cloud is storage. In some instances, migrating storage to the cloud is about copying and pasting. But problems can arise when the amount of data you need to move is too big or too sensitive, the transfer needs to be secure, or you need to have business continuity while migrating. In many enterprises, all these use cases apply. But there’s a solution to these problems enterprises face when migrating to Google Cloud Platform.

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Three Cybersecurity Trends for 2019

From online banking, insuring cars, and shopping, we are almost totally reliant upon the internet to complete daily tasks and make our lives easier. However, as technological advancements give us greater convenience, increase productivity, and provide greater access to whole new swathes of entertainment, consumers and businesses alike leave themselves at risk of cyberattacks against which robust defenses must be in place.


2019 Hurricane Season: Solidify a Business Continuity Plan With a Mass Notification Solution

Summer is typically synonymous with beach days, outdoor barbecues and fulfilling weekend getaways. Unfortunately, the summer months aren’t only about enjoyable moments and exciting vacations. It’s also tropical storm season, with higher risks of destruction, community displacement and business operation disruption. With this potential for human and business peril, it’s important for organizations to implement a business continuity plan, equipped with a robust communication strategy.


The first Pay-as-You-Go design environment for accelerating integration projects

The integration landscape is changing. According to Gartner, “Two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digital transformation to remain competitive.” One of the byproducts of this increasing pace is the desire to get results quickly. In a cloud-first world, that means expectations are changing for how products are trialed, procured, and billed. People expect things to be simpler, faster, and more intuitive.