Establishing Information Security in Project Management

A person recently asked me if it was possible to implement ISO 27001 using a specific project management software product. They used the tool in the past to define project plans and make project reviews. While I told them this is entirely possible, the truth is one can implement ISO 27001 even without a project plan or any specific tools. But should they?


Control vs Flexibility: what do we centralize?

The other day, at DevOps Midwest, Heath Moylan told a story from RGA from their evolution toward DevOps. In the beginning there was no continuous integration. Then developer teams started running Jenkins on their own, each their own instance, and it was useful. In time, the larger organization noticed that it was useful. Meanwhile, these Jenkins installations aged: they were out of date, with lax password security. Clearly this is not OK for Compliance etc.


NiCE Oracle Management Pack 5.00

Oracle database availability and performance is key. Gain insight into what happens within your Oracle environment. Using the NiCE Oracle Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM, advanced monitoring has never been easier. The NiCE Oracle Management Pack smart algorithm determines problems and their severity way upfront. Leverage your existing investment, reduce costs, save time and build efficiencies that will last beyond your expectations.


Track the status of your SLOs with the new monitor uptime and SLO widget

Service level objectives are an important tool for maintaining application performance, ensuring a consistent customer experience, and setting expectations about service performance for both internal and external users. We are very pleased to announce the availability of a new monitor uptime and SLO widget that makes it simple to monitor the status of your SLOs and communicate that status to your teams, executives, or external customers.


User experience monitoring with Datadog browser tests

Datadog’s new automated browser tests enable you to automate your user experience monitoring and ensure that your users can complete actions like signing up for a new account or adding items to a cart. Anyone on your team can record and automate multistep browser tests in minutes. Once you create a test, Datadog uses machine learning to detect changes to your application and automatically update your tests accordingly.


Correlate request logs with traces automatically

When your users are encountering errors or high latency in your application, drilling down to view the logs from a problematic request can reveal exactly what went wrong. By pulling together all the logs pertaining to a given request, you can see in rich detail how it was handled from beginning to end so you can quickly diagnose the issue.


Part 2: How machine learning, AI and automation could break the BI adoption barrier

If, as we saw in part one of this series, 77% of businesses are 'definitely not' or 'probably not' using analytics to its full extent and the adoption rate of analytics platforms is an abysmal 32%, something drastic needs to happen. Can the era of augmented analytics with its machine learning and AI fix this adoption issue?


How to Audit Governance

Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) have become buzzwords in cybersecurity. As governments and industry standards organizations respond to the data breach landscape by creating new compliance requirements, governance has become fundamental to creating an effective risk management program. Auditing governance requires organizations to communicate with internal and external stakeholders.

How to Install the ELK Stack on AWS: A Step-By-Step Guide

The ELK Stack is a great open-source stack for log aggregation and analytics. It stands for Elasticsearch (a NoSQL database and search server), Logstash (a log shipping and parsing service), and Kibana (a web interface that connects users with the Elasticsearch database and enables visualization and search options for system operation users). With a large open-source community, ELK has become quite popular, and it is a pleasure to work with.

api fortress

API Fortress for Mulesoft Customers

Test your Mule APIs with API Fortress to reduce risk during digital transformation, while also accelerating delivery times. Mulesoft has long been recognized as a leader in API service integration. Enterprises choose Mulesoft to connect and orchestrate legacy systems, cloud services, and APIs on a single platform. API Fortress is an official Mulesoft partner, and provides Mule customers with a complete testing suite to guarantee APIs are delivered as designed and without bugs.