Accelerating Agile with Serverless

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. These are the words uttered by the great Stephan Hawkins and can justly encapsulate the core meaning of the Agile concept which has revolutionized the way we conceptualize and produce software. The tech industry has gone through sweeping changes that have resulted in expeditious software production. Gone are the days where software teams would spend months and even years to deliver on new features to improve the experience of their customers.

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Penn National Insurance improves its remote worker end user experience with Goliath

Penn National Insurance needed to adapt to its growing remote workforce and deliver a seamless user experience to increase employee satisfaction, performance and productivity. In response, the IT team rolled out its virtual workspace initiative, proving to be one of its most challenging IT projects.

What Is User Activity Monitoring?

User Activity Monitoring (UAM) tracks the behavior of internal end-users—employees, subcontractors, partners, and so on—on a company’s networks, devices, and other IT resources. UAM, sometimes also called employee monitoring, may be deployed for a number of reasons, such as providing insight into the productivity of both individual employees and the company as a whole. Is Employee X spending too much time browsing the internet for non-business purposes during work time?


Automated Containerization of Apps Using CloudHedge

Well, the answer is yes and no. Containerization is a relatively new technology and needs significant efforts to containerize an application, orchestrate, secure, manage and monitor it. Hence it’s worth looking at what does it take to containerize, deploy and run an application in real production in bit details for you to take a call whether you want to venture into it yourself or not.


How We Migrated To Turbolinks Without Breaking Javascript

It's 2019, so we decided it was time to take a more modern approach to the Honeybadger front end. We implemented Turbolinks! This is only the first step on an ambitious roadmap. In 2025 we plan to migrate to Angular 1, and we'll finish out the decade on React unless we run into any roadblocks! But let's get real. Honeybadger isn't a single page app, and it probably won't ever be. SPAs just don't make sense for our technical requirements.


YuniKorn: a universal resource scheduler

Hello world, it’s been a while! We are super excited today to announce the open-sourcing of one of the exciting new projects we’ve been working behind the scenes at the intersection of big-data and computation platforms – YuniKorn! Yunikorn is a new standalone universal resource-scheduler responsible for allocating/managing resources for big-data workloads including batch jobs and long-running services. Let’s dive right in!


OpManager bags gold-listed in Feedspot's top networking blogs and sites to follow in 2019

Great news! The OpManager blog has ranked #15 in Feedspot’s top 100 networking blogs and websites to follow. This is a particularly big deal for ManageEngine as we focus on creating valuable content for IT admins, and to be recognized for that confirms we’re headed in the right direction.


Ask Us Anything: How to Alias Dashboard Variables in Grafana in SQL

Recently a question came up from a customer, and I was surprised we didn’t have an easy answer for it: How can you translate some esoteric ID or serial number, such as fe03-s3-x883, into a user-friendly name such as “harry” or “alice”? In a regular templating language, it would be easy to do via a map file or similar, but to do this with Grafana is a little more complicated.

Personal hosted Riot + Matrix-now available from Modular!

Attention Matrix fans! Modular has just announced public availabilty of their personal hosted homeservers! Starting at $10/month for a 5-user server, they’re speedy, they’re reliable, and just like their larger cousins come with a custom-branded Riot Web instance and can be used with your existing domain name. And did I mentions there’s a one month free trial? What are you even waiting for!?


Container Monitoring and Alerting Best Practices

With the agility of modern development practices and infrastructure comes a new set of challenges – namely, that applications consist of more parts, and the relationship between infrastructure and code is much tighter. In this post, I will discuss the monitoring and alerting considerations that IT needs to think about for modern applications running on containers.