Surface Kubernetes Errors with Sentry

Kubernetes, like a lot of other tools, can be noisy. Errors and warnings often go completely unnoticed in the event stream. Or sometimes they are noticed, but are hard to understand in the context of what else is happening in the cluster. Sentry, unlike a lot of other tools, works to eliminate that noise as much as possible, including Kubernetes-related noise.


How Bloomberg Tracks Hundreds of Billions of Data Points Daily with MetricTank and Grafana

Bloomberg is best known as a media company with its news destination site, its award-winning magazine Bloomberg Businessweek, and its daily 24-7 social media program, Tic Toc, on Twitter. But the main product for the 38-year-old company is actually Bloomberg Terminal, a software system that aggregates real-time market data and delivers financial news to more than 325,000 subscribers around the world.


ML and AI enabled IT Ops: the NOC as a modern cockpit

A common sentiment among our prospects after they see our demo for the first time is: “That’s it? It can’t be that simple!”. The truth is – yes it can be, and it should be. ML and AI should make IT Ops simpler, and a big part of that is usability. If your ML & AI powered IT Ops tools take months to set up and weeks to learn, and then don’t provide a substantially improved user experience, you’re obviously using the wrong tools.


DevOps vs. ITIL Incident Management Process Flow

IT incidents from active directory, account deletion, printer not printing, and monitor flickering to software development incidents such as application delivery and code merge issues can affect anything from a single user to an entire business. Both DevOps and ITIL (IT infrastructure library) incident management process flows can restore your day-to-day service operations.


Using GitLab Auto DevOps with Kubernetes Through Rancher's Authorized Cluster Endpoint

In this post, we will walk through how to connect GitLab’s Auto DevOps feature with a Rancher-managed Kubernetes cluster, making use of a feature introduced in Rancher v2.2.0 called Authorized Cluster Endpoint. Readers can expect to walk away with an understanding of how GitLab integrates with Kubernetes and how Rancher simplifies this workflow with Authorized Cluster Endpoint.


AWS AMI Management—A Lifecycle Strategy With Best Practices

Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is one of the foundational services that launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) into the successful Cloud empire of today. When Amazon announced its new EC2 service in 2006, the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) was the virtual appliance which would define and create virtual machines on the platform.


NIST SP 800-190 application container security with Sysdig Secure

In September 2017, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released Special Publication (SP) 800-190, Application Container Security Guide. NIST SP 800-190 explains the security concerns associated with container technologies and recommendations for the image details and container runtime security. It provides prescriptive details for various sections including image, registry, orchestrator, container and host OS countermeasures.


Operationalizing ThousandEyes Using RingCentral Glip

What to do with an operations alert can sometimes be a daunting task. Some of our customers opt to get started with email alerts, the easiest and quickest way to consume alerts. But with email alerting, if not granularly customized, can often result in email fatigue. On the other hand, some customers will put significant investment in ingesting alerts and integrating test data into their correlation engines using webhooks or the ThousandEyes API.