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May 3, 2021   |  By Max Rozen
Chances are, you've run a PageSpeed Insights test and noticed "First Contentful Paint" as one of the first numbers in the report. I've covered most of the metrics before in my article on Understanding the Page Speed Metrics in Google Lighthouse, but in this article I wanted to dive deeply into First Contentful Paint - particularly what it is, what a good score is, and how to improve. Table of Contents
Apr 26, 2021   |  By Max Rozen
You might be looking around for a new web host, or trying to get a better deal. You notice VPS plans are incredibly cheap - as low as $3-5 per month, while the cheapest shared hosting is around $10 per month. You wonder, "How is this possible?!" - especially when people recommend moving to a VPS once a site becomes popular. Let's discuss what these are first, before going into why cheaper doesn't necessarily mean better for you and your business.
Apr 19, 2021   |  By Max Rozen
If your experience is anything like mine, you're probably pretty confused about all the acronyms involved in checking your page speed. Chances are you probably also want to know which metrics matter, and if your score is good or bad. Table of Contents
Apr 13, 2021   |  By Max Rozen
Page Speed is a pretty big deal these days. As of May 2021, Google will start combining Core Web Vitals (how Google measures page speed) with other UX-related signals to rank your page. In other words, Page Speed impacts your SEO. Since Google changed Googlebot's algorithm to highly favour fast, mobile-friendly websites, it has become more important to have a fast website.
Mar 20, 2021   |  By Max Rozen
When you're a single person running a system with thousands of users or more, it can be pretty daunting to think about going on holiday, or even relaxing for a weekend. "What if it goes down, and I'm not there to fix it?!" you ask yourself. While you can never really guarantee that nothing will go wrong, you can take some steps to minimise your risk of things going wrong.
Mar 14, 2021   |  By Max Rozen
If you've ever had to be on the receiving end of a monitoring system that uses email for alerts, you know how noisy things can get. Particularly if you're working in an agency or freelance-like environment, with dozens of client sites to maintain. You get so many emails that you start looking into integrations with third-party services like Zapier, and coming up with more and more complex rules to try reduce the noise.
Mar 6, 2021   |  By Max Rozen
When I first started building SaaS apps for side projects, it would take me a solid weekend solely to build the Stripe integration. These days, It's possible to build the whole SaaS app in one week.
Feb 26, 2021   |  By Max Rozen
Imagine you're sitting in your office, and you start noticing emails coming in asking if you'd like to buy your domain. "Huh, that's weird, I already own that domain" you think to yourself. A few more emails come in, and they're getting past the spam filter, so you decide to double check your domain manager. Doubt starts creeping into your mind, you start panicking, and you frantically scroll down to where the domain should be, and... It's gone.
Feb 26, 2021   |  By Max Rozen
Sometimes you'll want to migrate WordPress hosts - maybe it's time for renewal, and you found a better deal elsewhere, or your hosting provider isn't as reliable as they promised. Which is great for you, but your site's readers don't care that it's a better deal - they just want to see your content. So minimising downtime when transferring hosts is a pretty big deal. Let's learn how to avoid downtime.

OnlineOrNot monitors your website, letting you know instantly if anything goes wrong.

OnlineOrNot is an website monitoring service. In particular, it monitors whether your site is online, or not (hence the name). It allows you to continuously monitor any website or API server. It notifies you instantly in the case of any problems - whether that's a timeout, 4xx error, or 5xx error.

Monitor With Confidence:

  • Configurable Alerts: You don't want alerts for sites that aren't really down for everyone. Configure retries, and how many minutes of downtime to wait before sending an alert.
  • Fast Alerts: Getting alerts ages after your site goes down isn't great. We use email deliverability best-practices so your alerts get delivered, fast.
  • Alerts where you need them: Get notified when your site goes down, and when it comes back via Email and Slack. Alerts via SMS and phone call coming soon!
  • Text Search: Want to detect when your page stops showing certain text? OnlineOrNot can search your page for text to catch error pages that don't send error codes.
  • Global Monitoring: Monitor from any one of 10 major cities around the world. Check out our supported regions.
  • Bring the whole team: Monitoring is your whole team's job, not the responsibility of just one person. Bring your whole team at no extra cost.

Everything you need to be sure that your website is running smoothly.