Everything You Need to Know About the OSS Licensing War, Part 3.

In Parts One and Two of this blog, we looked back at the ongoing open source licensing wars, focusing on the evolving situation between Elastic N.V. and AWS. In this final installment, we’ll offer some opinions on the situation, as well as share our own views on how we’re reacting at Grafana Labs.


Accelerating Thames Water’s IT Flow

I once came across a quote by Tim Huval, CHRO of Humana, on how ‘a good employee experience is one where each employee feels that they can fully be themselves, freely contributing their talents, bright ideas and energy, to support the organisation’s mission and success’. This quote echoes with what we are striving to achieve for our own employees at Thames Water. We want to create amazing experiences for our workforce and our 15 million customers and inspire them to become our lifelong advocates.


3 Steps to Implement DevSecOps in Your Organization

It seems like hardly a week goes by without news of a security breach. Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and more severe, costing businesses $600 billion per year according to the 2018 Economic Impact of Cybercrime report. Without a strong security policy in place, businesses risk falling victim to new threats while losing the trust of their customers.


It’s About Time: Business Insights with Calendar Window Analytics

Ever wish you could monitor the total number of widgets produced by your service since the actual beginning of the day in New York, rather than interpret a sum calculated over, say, the last 10 or 24 hours? What about a real-world view of the SLA for a service you manage, showing the maximum latency reported for closed months and quarters, with the results neatly plotted at the ends of those months and quarters?


What does customer service mean?

Defining good customer service can seem to be a bit of a moving target, especially in this era of ever-increasing customer expectations. But the forward-thinking companies leading the charge in this new reality—such as Zendesk strategic partners Guru, Lessonly, and Stella Connect—are keenly aware that it’s their customers who get to make that determination, not them.


5 Common Misconceptions About Serverless in 2019

At Stackery, our engineers live and breathe serverless development every day. Because of this, we are constantly evaluating the current soundbites about it; when a field is expanding this quickly, it’s not uncommon to hear a generous handful of misguided assumptions. So, despite the increasing influence of cloudside development, there are still a number of declarations published every week that seem to amplify some common and outdated misconceptions.


MyRacePass Goes Full Throttle With Retrace

Like many of our client successes, this one also starts in a basement. Three friends: Zach Calmus, Ross Van Eck, and Josh Holt came together over a love for motorsports and a passion for technology. A few years later, what had become one of the fastest growing motorsports web development companies had grown into the MyRacePass, a platform that would put the entire motorsports industry on a path of acceleration.