Squared Up

squared up

New Release: Squared Up 4.1 is here!

Squared Up 4.1 just landed. And what better way to start this announcement than the promise of more feature releases?! It’s been seven months since Squared Up 4.0, but the hard work put in by the development team since then has set us up for a bright, feature-rich future. All those juicy performance improvements and platform changes mean, moving forward, you can expect a new feature release from us every two to three months.

EAM: A cost-effective alternative to APM

As with all our Application Performance Management (APM) blogs, we'd like to first append this with a few caveats. Firstly, we’re big fans of APM. For too long enterprise monitoring efforts have focused too heavily on infrastructure - and it was APM that first flipped this paradigm on its head. Secondly, we are by no means an APM tool – and whilst we’ll go into our differences later - we simply share the vision that applications should be put at the heart of your IT monitoring strategy.

Acronym Buster: IT Operations Tools

TLDR: There's a LOT of different tools out there... Clearly feeling the world was in desperate need of more acronyms, IT operations has well and truly stood up to the plate. Dazed and confused - and with FOMO about to kick in – I thought now would be a good time to write up an acronym buster so I could finally put those woes to bed. That, and I promised my manager I'd publish a new blog before COP.

Why ITOps still suffers from alert fatigue

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to configure centralized monitoring. Making it all the more frustrating that those carefully crafted alerts will probably just end up being ignored. So why has the whole of ITOps collectively decided to banish your monitoring alerts to their junk folders? The simple answer: alert fatigue.