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GripMatix create dashboard pack for monitoring Citrix

Earlier this year, our partner GripMatix released a feature-packed Citrix management pack (MP) that helps improve the monitoring of Citrix environments using SCOM. This was warmly received by our customers who preferred not to shell out for the premium ‘Citrix Platinum’ license, and so don’t have access to SCOM MPs directly from Citrix.

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SCOM is the most popular tool for monitoring SBC/ VDI

Google “SCOM and Azure” and the top hits will tell you all about “Moving from SCOM to Azure Monitor”, “Changing of the guard…”, and “Microsoft explains why it replaced SCOM with Azure Monitor” etc. If you only read the marketing, you’d be forgiven for thinking SCOM is being replaced. Microsoft’s marketing push on Azure Monitor has no doubt caused some uncertainty about the position of SCOM.

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Fill SCOM gaps with Azure Monitor

We are delighted to welcome guest blogger Brian Wren of Microsoft. Brian is something of a superstar in the SCOM world – and you will see why when you check out his technical guides on TechNet or Microsoft Learn. His series on Management Pack Authoring for SCOM is a definitive guide that has helped many of us get started with a difficult topic. It is fair to say that when Brian works his magic, he makes the complicated perfectly understandable.

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Coffee break: hybrid monitoring with MSFT's Azure MP

Hybrid monitoring has increasingly become a priority in the SCOM community. A growing number of enterprises are running workloads both on-prem and in the cloud, with some of us creating new workloads in the cloud, and others engaging in a gradual migration to the cloud – a process that often takes place over a number of years. How can we deliver a complete monitoring strategy for our hybrid environments via SCOM?

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Coffee break: monitoring your VMware vSphere

Most of us SCOM users have our servers and infrastructure pieces monitored – but more often than not, the hypervisor remains a big black box where there is no level of monitoring whatsoever. Any kind of outages that come from that lack of monitoring blindside our administrators, and people eventually grow to lose confidence in the platform itself.

Webinar: Showcasing the Azure MP

Join Microsoft Product Manager, Neha Garg & Squared Up's Adam Kinniburgh as they showcase the Azure MP. The Azure MP enables you to monitor your Azure resources from SCOM. With this MP you can monitor Virtual Machines, Storage accounts, Application Insights and see relevant alerts in SCOM. With the upcoming release, Azure MP would allow you to select resources at the resource group level.
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20 Operations Manager Tips in 20 Minutes

If you’ve ever worked with SCOM then you’ll know it needs a little love to get the most out of it. Together with Tao Yang MVP, I co-presented a session called “20 Operations Manager Tips in 20 Minutes” at Experts Live USA this year which brings together many of the SCOM tips and tricks we’ve accumulated over the years. That session wasn’t recorded, so we decided to publish the tips here for everyone to benefit from. It’s time to get your SCOM game on.