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MSP Tools: Lower Price Doesn't Always Equal Higher Value

We all love a bargain—who wouldn’t? But not all great deals are good for business. As tempting as it might be to take advantage of a special product promotion that is being marketed towards us, sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and spend time really thinking about what the ramifications of switching to the lower-priced product could entail.

Navigating M&A Trends in the MSP Industry: Insights and Strategies

There’s been a lot of talk about a slowdown in global channel M&A activity in 2023—indeed, our recent MSP Horizons Report, which we did in conjunction with Canalys, highlighted a 60% decline in M&A compared to previous years. Another trend the report observed is a disparity between buyers and sellers in the market. While 44% of MSPs are looking to acquire, only 13% are actively (and openly) seeking to sell.

How SEO Strategy Can Help MSPs Grow Their Business

One of the main goals for every MSP is to make getting new clients onboard as easy as possible. A major way to achieve this is to rank high on Google for the area your MSP operates. Purple Cloud IT is an MSP that serves clients in the UK, but we’ve also helped many MSPs over the years with their SEO and Google ranking because we’ve found that we’re pretty good at SEO.

N-central 24.3 Release Roundup | New Features & Enhancements for MSPs

Jason Murphy, Head Nerd at N-able, walks you through the latest features and improvements designed to enhance your experience with N-central. Discover the new security enhancements, updates to Device Manager for Apple, REST API endpoint additions, and more. This release is packed with updates to help MSPs stay secure and maximize efficiency.

Cove Data Protection 24.6 Update

N-able Head Nerd Eric Harless breaks down what's in Cove Data Protection 24.6 You asked for it, and we delivered! We are happy to announce that partners now can schedule Standby Image first restores. We also automated the addition of antivirus exclusions to Microsoft Defender on the Recovery Location for One-Time Restores. Partners can now schedule first restore sessions for devices added to a Standby Image recovery plan. Now, partners can schedule initial restores overnight or on weekends to avoid resource contention when adding multiple machines to a plan.

Getting Started with Ncentral REST APIs: Tips and Tricks

For some the term API can signal an immediate tune out. I have to admit, despite being in the IT game for 25 years now, I was one of those people. However, that changed to a degree when I took up the Head Nerd role here at N‑able, driven in no small part by the fact that I had to deliver a Head Nerd Boot Camp on Leveraging APIs in N‑central. Unfortunately, these APIs were SOAP based, hadn’t had much development in recent years, and weren’t exactly easy to work with.

Selecting and Implementing the Right MDR Solution for Your Customers

MSPs have a critical role to play in safeguarding SMBs and SMEs against cyber threats, and there are always tools coming onto the market to help you do this. In a recent interview for our Beyond the Horizons Podcast, Dave MacKinnon explored some of the key considerations MSPs should keep in mind when selecting a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution for their customers.

Ncentral: Calculating TCO and ROI in the On-Premise to Cloud Transition

A few weeks ago, I received a message over Teams from Laura White, one of our Partner Success Managers who works with many of our Super Elite partners. Laura was preparing for an important meeting with a partner to discuss migrating from an On-Premise N‑central server to a Cloud Hosted N‑central with N‑able, and she wanted my input. The move from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud has been a hot topic.