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Why Your Observability Strategy Needs Security Observability

An observability strategy helps many businesses support the stability and performance of complex, distributed IT environments. Since you may already be tracking the three pillars of observability—metrics, logs, and traces—why shouldn’t you also use the endless stream of telemetry data to identify security risks and vulnerabilities, just as you use it to monitor and stabilize operations?


What's an IP Address Conflict, and How Do You Fix It?

When you’re just starting as a network engineer, an IP address conflict can be a difficult issue to resolve. In this post, we’ll look at what an IP address conflict is and why it occurs. Then, we’ll talk about the types of IP address conflicts and the ways to fix them. We’ll also discuss how to detect and prevent IP address conflicts. Detection and prevention can be done best with certain tools, so we’ll learn about the top five tools to use.

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The Government needs to recruit more IT-savvy staff to meet data transformation goals

The people running the U.K. government's digital transformation programmes need to be more tech-savvy if they ever want to hit the ambitious targets set for public sector digital transformation. This is according to a recent report published by the National Audit Office (NAO)-the U.K.'s independent public spending watchdog-which found most digital change decisions in government are made by "generalist leaders who lack the expertise to fully comprehend and tackle digital challenges."

Analyzing the Micro Focus - OpenText Merger: Three Crucial Areas for Success

History is filled with examples of corporate mergers gone wrong. There’s AOL – Time Warner in 2000 and HP – Compaq in 2001, and who can forget when Microsoft didn’t know what to do with all their extra cash and decided to buy Nokia, hoping it would help everyone forget about Windows Phone? As someone involved in more than a few acquisitions, I’ve learned how to tell if a merger will be successful.

Upgrading NPM and SAM to Hybrid Cloud Observability

This video discusses and demonstrates upgrading an Orion Platform installation running NPM and SAM, to Hybrid Cloud Observability – advanced license. The video discusses system requirements, installation methods and walks through a full demonstration of the upgrade. This video is suitable for anyone who wishes to understand more and see an upgrade from a module based install to Hybrid Cloud Observability

Observability Challenges Solved with SolarWinds Observability

In the Technical Validation report, “SolarWinds Observability: Observability and Service Management for Modern Application Architectures,” TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group examined SolarWinds® Observability for its ability to support organizations no matter where they are in their digital transformation journeys. In this Technical Summary, we highlight some of the high-level findings. For the full analysis, you can download the report for free.


The Productivity Imperative - How Tech Functions Can Help Steer the Business Through Challenging Times

Productivity measures the amount of work you can get done with defined time and resources—or, more formally, "a ratio between the output volume and the volume of inputs”. The key takeaway is this: anything we can do to increase the amount of work completed will increase productivity. Equally, anything which reduces the cost or time required to do that work will also increase productivity—which is what we all want.


A Simplified Guide to Implementing Full-Stack Observability

After the craziness of the last few years, who can blame IT, DevOps, and operations teams for wanting more stability in their personal lives and jobs? Yet the message from the top isn’t in line with this: Gartner reports over 94% of CEOs aim to accelerate pandemic-era digital transformation and are investing 5.1% more into IT budgets. This means threading a delicate balance between stability and scalability.