SolarWinds Introduces N-central 12.2-Providing Users with Deeper Network Monitoring, Increased Security Measures, and Enhanced Automation Capabilities

As the IT environments grow to be more and more complex, so must the software that supports IT professionals. The new features in N-central 12.2 will meet the needs of managed services providers - deepening the company's commitment to arming technology professionals with the powerful software they need to solve today's IT management challenges.

How to Monitor Changes to Hardware and Software Configurations

Server configuration changes are a major cause of application outages and performance issues. Changes having the greatest impact often are the simplest. Memory pulled from one server to boost another server’s performance can leave the lingering applications starved. Adding new software can automatically update configurations and cause another application to become inoperable. Having visibility into when these types of changes occur is critical to resolving application availability and performance, fast. Learn how to achieve this visibility with SolarWinds® Server Configuration Monitor.

SolarWinds Continues to Drive Customer Success Through Growth of its Learning Portal, the MSP Institute

DURHAM, North Carolina - November 21 2019 - SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced its MSP Institute, an online learning portal designed to provide training through business, sales, marketing, and technical courses, continues to develop and drive customer success.

Secret Keys to the Password Kingdom

Building trust with customers is a must for MSPs. And because of the unique nature of MSPs, it’s not always easy. Your customers aren’t simply giving you administrative access to a few admin accounts—they’re sharing secrets which must be securely managed across all the systems, apps, and users you manage for them. Passwords, SSH keys, licenses, cloud infrastructure logins, and SaaS portal accounts are just the beginning. To solve issues quickly, your technicians can’t waste time locating the credentials needed to resolve issues and make users happy.

Account Takeover IS Your Problem

Phishing and malware are scary enough, but the number-one tactic used by bad actors to get access to and take over accounts is something different: using compromised credentials. Why? Because it’s so easy. Data breaches happen almost constantly, and credentials get leaked. At the same time, people are prone to reuse the same few passwords across all their accounts. These two facts spell trouble, as it’s almost impossible for an IT professional to know if working credentials to their company email or CRM are floating around the dark web. Almost impossible that is, until now.

SolarWinds Lab Episode #81 - Debunking the Cloud Hype Curve With Microsoft Azure Advocate Rick Claus

Hype isn't helpful, especially in IT. And cloud has now reached a special status: Zombie Hype. It just keeps coming back over and over. In this session, Microsoft Cloud Lead Advocate Rick Claus joins SolarWinds Head Geeks Patrick Hubbard and Thomas LaRock to break down how SolarWinds customers are using cloud in the real world. Learn what hype curves are, how they're different from adoption cycles, and how to gauge your organization's journey relative to your competitors.

How to Monitor Changes to IIS Server and Application Configurations

IIS is a cornerstone of many business-critical applications, from online stores and websites, to ERPs and EHRs. If these sites go down, business grinds to a halt, revenue is lost, and reputations can be put on the line. Seeing when configuration changes have been made to the application or server itself can help speed up resolution time and lessen the impact of outages or performance degradation to these critical applications. Learn how to achieve time savings with SolarWinds® Server Configuration Monitor.

Interacting With Log Data in Security Event Manager

SolarWinds Security Event Manager is designed to give users a centralized view of logs and events occurring across their network, and quickly and easily recall specific logs and identify suspicious patterns and behaviors in that data. This video gives a quick overview of the features in SEM, making it easy for users to view and interact with their log data.