ITSM For All: Bringing Human Resources into the Service Desk

For those who have been keeping up with our series on IT Service Management (ITSM) beyond IT, welcome back! If you’re new to this conversation, it isn’t like a podcast where I’ll send you back to part one, but you may find it helpful to visit the previous recommendations for other internal service providers. Reflecting on 2020, we saw how powerful collaboration in the service desk could be in maintaining users’ productivity and achieving broader business goals.

Best Practices for Monitoring Your End-User Experience - SolarWinds Lab Episode #94

Knowing if a server has high CPU is helpful, but does it really matter if your end users can still access their apps without performance issues? If you're only monitoring the server side, then you don't have a complete picture of your environment. End-user monitoring can be an extremely valuable tool—if you know how to you use it. Join Product Manager Katie Cole and Head Geek Patrick Hubbard as they dive deep into best practices for Pingdom®, the SaaS-based, end-user experience monitoring tool from SolarWinds.

"SUDO Teach Me a Lesson"

The command “sudo” is an essential part of Vax, Unix, and Linux operating systems. It’s so intrinsic to how SysAdmins work, many consider “sudo” to be a built-in command and are shocked when they encounter a system where it’s missing. Since its introduction in 1980, it’s been used millions of times a day, on millions of systems, by millions of users around the world.


Most Essential Tools to Help You Track Website Performance

Websites and web applications are the modern equivalents to storefronts, business cards, road show booths, newspapers, markets, bulletin boards, software installed on the client’s machine, and much more. Being a business-critical component, and sometimes the business itself in the case of SaaS applications, a website or app experiencing any downtime or disruption can have serious financial implications (aka clients and prospects leaving).


Expert Guide to Redis Monitoring

Redis is an open source. in-memory data structure store with blazing performance that’s used as a database, cache, and message broker. Redis is licensed under BSD (Berkeley Source Distribution), which means it can be used for free with some minimum use restrictions. It supports a good number of abstract data structures, such as strings, maps, lists, and so on. Redis, which is used as a database to store data, is fast in performance.


Project Management as a Critical Skillset

Public sector IT departments have undergone sweeping modernization efforts, from virtualization and mobility to cloud computing and digital transformation. At the same time, this challenging period of remote work increases the burden on federal IT teams to ensure staffers can continue working without technical glitches and keep projects on track. The project manager (PM) is an increasingly critical role.