How to Monitor for Unauthorized Changes to Your Linux Packages With SCM

Packages keep your Linux servers up to date and running smoothly. Yet if someone tampers with the packages getting deployed to your server, you could have serious performance issues, expose your organization to harmful viruses, or open it up a new vulnerability. Keeping an eye out for what packages are deployed, the package sources, and how they're changed could help prevent or alert you to an issue. In this video, we'll show you how to gain visibility into your Linux packages and track how they're changing over time.

Putting ITIL 4 Into Practice With SolarWinds Service Desk - SolarWinds Lab Episode #87

ITIL 4 certifications demonstrate a thorough understanding of how to deliver value to the modern organization through services. Matching that understanding with the capabilities of your ITSM solution is a powerful combination. Join ITIL 4 Managing Professional Sean Sebring and ITSM Senior Sales Engineer Liz Beavers for a crash course on applying the seven guiding principles of ITIL 4 and how they tie into using the SolarWinds Service Desk platform. Whether you’re a certified ITIL pro or a new help desk technician hoping to work more efficiently, learn five ways to deliver better service to your organization.

SolarWinds Study Shows Converged Roles and Contracting Budgets Increase Need for Qualified U.K. Tech Pros Across Hybrid IT Environments

SolarWinds IT Trends Report 2020: The Universal Language of IT examines the evolving role of technology in business and the breakdown of traditional IT siloes. Less than 25% of budgets dedicated to emerging tech, instead prioritise cloud and hybrid IT. Tech pros cite need to upskill across security, APM, and non-technical and interpersonal skills.