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RESOLVE '22: Customer experience in action

Companies go to extreme lengths to provide their customers the best possible experience—and every company’s concept of what makes a good experience is different. In our RESOLVE ’22 panel Customer experience in action we sat down with Translation.com Director of Strategic Initiatives Sridevi Matukumalli and Akamai Senior Director Harish Menon to talk about this notion.


RESOLVE '22: Observability and AIOps sitting in a tree

In our first session from RESOLVE ‘22, we were honored to have Darren Boyd and Satbir Sran from the Incubator podcast and ink8r think tank talk observability and AIOps with BigPanda’s Aaron Johnson. Both panelists are part of communities adopting open standards, and they regularly consult with organizations about how they can improve IT Operations and overall performance.


Fast track video series: Integrate ticketing and messaging tools with BigPanda

With distributed IT Operations becoming the norm, most enterprise teams struggle with communication and collaboration within and across the organization. Without the proper tools, staying on top of incidents can be challenging, quickly resulting in outages taking longer to resolve. The overall effect: increase in downtime-related costs and decrease in performance and availability of services making mean time to resolve (MTTR) worse.

Fast track video series: Accept and normalize monitoring events

The Open Integration Manager enables you to create custom inbound alert integrations through the configuration of a generic, out-of-the-box inbound integration rather than creating custom code. This self-service and intuitive approach streamlines the integration process, accelerates data flow, and enables faster time to value.

Fast track video series: Extracting alert data from emails using BigPanda

BigPanda's easy-to-use self-service Email Parser receives information in email form and converts the data into BigPanda alerts. This is ideal for monitoring tools and systems that do not support REST API, the email parser extracts alert data such as status and properties right from the email's subject or body without the need for custom code.

Everything You Need to Know About IT Operations Analytics

IT engineers and executives are responsible for system reliability and availability. The volume of data can make it hard to be proactive and fix issues quickly. With over a decade of experience in the field, I know the importance of IT operations analytics and how it can help identify incidents and enable agile responses. In this article.


Fast Track series: easily integrate monitoring alert sources

Integrating all of your monitoring alert sources is quite a task. Large enterprises often struggle to aggregate millions of data records from dozens of monitoring, change, and topology tools in real-time. Filtering out the noise and prioritizing the most important alerts are crucial to a team’s success. BigPanda makes it simple to integrate with any monitoring alert sources with Open Integration Hub. Currently, we have more than 50 easy-to-use integrations to choose from.


RESOLVE '22: Measuring what matters

Companies can take big strides toward “preventing preventable” incidents by minding what they measure. What’s in a name? In Measuring what matters, one of the panels at our RESOLVE ‘22 event, the three words in the title reflect a plan successful IT Ops teams have embraced to reduce the complexity of their reporting systems—resulting in a faster path for companies to make more effective use of all the IT resources at their disposal.