Is ITIL Dead or Alive? Here's the CTO Perspective

Our CTO and Field CTOs spend a substantial amount of their time talking to customers, industry leaders and domain experts, gaining extraordinary insights and subject matter expertise on the most current and burning issues in IT Operations. Listening to them speak at events, webinars, prospect meetings and even as part of random watercooler chats, we always thought it was a shame we didn’t have a platform to share their wisdom on a broader scale.

THE CTO PERSPECTIVE | Application Modernization: Root Cause Changes

Welcome to The CTO Perspective – discussions on the most current issues in IT Operations. In this talk: Changes in software and infrastructure are the main cause of outages in the modern IT Stack. How do you embrace change without compromising service quality and availability?

Can Observability Improve IT Ops? BigPanda's Field CTOs have the answer.

A Harrowing Landscape The increasing complexity of modern services is forcing IT Ops teams to employ a growing landscape of disparate tools to monitor the health of their IT Stack. In fact, the number of tools has grown so much in the last few years, that one wonders how IT Ops teams are even able to effectively configure, maintain, ingest, and process all the events that these tools create.


Tips for Modern NOCs - Correlating Incidents to the IT Changes that Caused Them

Every NOC engineer will tell you that the first thing they look for in an outage is “what changed?”. And they are right to look. While every organization is unique, Gartner reports that on average about 80% of IT incidents today are caused by changes in infrastructure and/or software.


The Face of Success: Insights from BigPanda's "IT Ops from Home" Virtual Summit

Close to IT 400 professionals from some of the most prominent enterprises in the retail, financial, technology, pharma and manufacturing industries attended our “Face of IT Ops from Home” virtual conference, enjoying a keynote session featuring Sony Playstation and State Farm Insurance, and three breakout sessions with Ulta Beauty, AWS and BlackRock 3.


Black Swans and Grey Rhinos - Observations on Coronavirus and IT Ops During Crisis

As the Coronavirus crisis unfolds and all of us struggle to understand its implications and to adapt, many thoughts come to mind on many different levels – personal, business related, philosophical. This event is definitely a game changer, in the near future for sure – and many say in the long run as well.


Darwin Was Right: Change Will Separate the Strong from the Weak

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change” said Charles Darwin over 150 years ago – and probably every IT Ops engineer out there these days would agree with him. According to Gartner (and probably your experience as well), over 80% of service disruptions these days are caused by changes in infrastructure and software.