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CFEngine 2023 retrospective

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s once again time to reflect on the milestones and progress we’ve made throughout the year. This year is especially significant because it marks 30 years since CFEngine’s birth. From its humble beginnings at the University of Oslo to the thousands of implementations across the world and counting, CFEngine has not only weathered the twists and turns of life, but has thrived in an industry where many have come and gone.

CFEngine 3.23 released - Anniversary

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of CFEngine 3.23.0! This is a non-LTS (non-supported) release, where we introduce new features for users to test and give feedback on, allowing us to polish before the next LTS.(CFEngine 3.24 LTS is scheduled to release summer 2024). The codename for this release is anniversary, as this year is CFEngine’s 30th anniversary.

Migrating from Travis to Github Actions

For CFEngine we manage several public and private repositories of code in GitHub for our Open Source and Enterprise products. In order to ensure quality we run many checks on the code both with nightly builds as well as on each pull request. We use a Jenkins server for nightlies which also includes more extensive deployment tests on all of the platforms we support. Previously we had used Travis for many of these checks but that system started to show its age and limitations.