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Why AI is crucial to your hybrid observability strategy: LogicMonitor's latest innovations

At LogicMonitor, we are deeply committed to a mission that goes beyond the conventional: revolutionizing IT monitoring through hybrid observability powered by AI. This ambition is not merely a slogan but the cornerstone of our entire approach. Our LM Envision platform was purposely designed to bring together diverse IT environments under one seamless, integrated experience. Enterprises have complex IT ecosystems.

AI vs. ML: What's the Difference? + What is #aiops in 60 Seconds | #backtobasics | LogicMonitor

Ever wonder what #machinelearning (#ml) really means? Or how it's different from #ai? What even is #aiops? This #BackToBasics short explains it ALL in plain English! #shorts Follow us...

Hybrid observability made easy: introducing LogicMonitor's new UI

IT monitoring is evolving rapidly, and LogicMonitor is at the forefront of this transformation with the release of LogicMonitor’s new user interface (UI). This release marks a significant milestone, reflecting our commitment to innovation, responsiveness to user feedback, and anticipation of future technological trends.

Stop observing, start automating: RedHat and LogicMonitor pioneer the next gen of Event-Driven Ansible

LogicMonitor has long been synonymous with observation — a platform that keenly watches over IT environments, alerting teams to potential issues. However, the age-old challenge remained: how to seamlessly transition from observation to action. Enter the LogicMonitor event-driven ansible integration with RedHat. What sets this solution apart is the fact our teams worked together to build it.

AWS re:Invent 2023 Recap: Top Highlights and Takeaways

LogicMonitor spent the week in Las Vegas at AWS re:Invent 2023. With over 50,000 attendees, it was packed with groundbreaking keynote sessions, networking events, and so much more. One major announcement during the event was AWS Marketplace’s Quick Launch. Made to easily deploy SaaS products, interested users can easily buy and deploy LogicMonitor straight from the AWS Marketplace.