Help! My Collector is Down: Troubleshoot in 6 Steps

At the core of the LogicMonitor solution, there is the LogicMonitor Collector. The Collector is a small Java app installed on servers in your environment that collects monitored data from your various devices and then sends that data to LogicMonitor for retention and display. The Collector is what connects your environment to the cloud and allows you access from anywhere. However, sometimes these Collectors can go down, potentially leading to gaps in monitoring.


DataSource Spotlight: Proactive Visibility of LDAP Security

At LogicMonitor, we believe our platform enables our customers to See More, Know More, and Do More, to keep up with the rapid pace of change in business today. The following is an interesting use case that illustrates how LogicMonitor can provide quick insight to enable modern IT teams to work proactively and perform at maximum operational efficiency.


Are Digital Transformation Initiatives Secretly to Blame for Rising Number of IT Outages?

The race is on to turn data into useful information. Company executives across a wide range of departments are increasingly tasked with modernization and digital transformation initiatives. But what is digital transformation in IT? IT pros are racing to keep up with rapid industry changes and must consider efforts such as digitizing assets, restructuring department goals to focus on providing a seamless customer experience, or shifting from on-premises to public cloud.


Cisco HyperFlex: Expanded Coverage from LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is expanding its Cisco platform coverage by releasing new Cisco HyperFlex LogicModules. Hyperflex is Cisco’s hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) platform. This platform is designed to tightly integrate storage, network, and virtualization for ease of use and efficient scalability. With LogicMonitor’s Cisco HyperFlex package, which leverages the Cisco HyperFlex REST API, you can monitor a large number of HyperFlex operations.

AIOps Early Warning System: Root Cause Analysis

With root cause analysis, LogicMonitor uses automatically discovered relationships between monitored resources to identify the root cause for triggered alerts and notify users of the originating issue, while preventing notifications for dependent resources in alert. When a core or root device goes down affecting connectivity for downstream devices, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) will identify the originating and dependent resources and subsequent alerts and disable notifications for dependent resources.

How LogicMonitor Transformed Bupa's Fragmented View by Consolidating Monitoring Tools

http://bit.ly/31nR2R9 Bupa's IT organization found themselves using too many monitoring tools to easily share performance across teams. To help transform the fragmented view of their infrastructure, they implemented LogicMonitor. Read more about how our comprehensive monitoring solution helps Bupa realize their mission to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives.

LogicMonitor and Unomaly can pre-empt business problems with AIOps

Curious about AIOps these days? You’re not alone. AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) is all about analyzing and automating your IT operations using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. These operations include end-to-end workflows that bring monitoring, analytics, incident management, and automation systems together with a common goal of optimizing and automating operational tasks.


Using Open Source Tools to Push Metrics into LogicMonitor

Ever walk into a corner market, push on the door and find it won’t open? You look down at the handle and are reminded by a sign on the door that you have to “pull” to open it? The LogicMonitor platform uses an agentless collector to pull metrics from thousands of devices and resources into a unified monitoring view (no agents required). We currently offer more than 2,000 LogicModules out-of-the-box that gather metrics from all kinds of systems using many different protocols.


LogicMonitor Acquires Unomaly to Enhance Observability, Help IT Pinpoint Log Issues Faster and Drive Intelligent Action

Happy New Year! We’re starting 2020 by sharing some exciting news. Today we announced that LogicMonitor has acquired Unomaly, an AIOps-centric logs analytics company headquartered in Stockholm! Unomaly’s technology focuses on the automatic detection of log anomalies to support fast, accurate root cause analysis in complex IT environments.