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Top 5 Reasons for "Why AppNeta?"

AppNeta by Broadcom Software is a SaaS platform that enables large enterprises to gain visibility into their business-critical applications as experienced from remote offices and to understand how the networks that drive them operate. Because of our network focus we often get compared to traditional monitoring solutions, but with a quick overview it should be easy to explain to others in your organization how we differentiate.

How AppNeta Drives Business Value

While network and application performance grow increasingly business critical, IT’s ability to track and control service levels continues to be diminished. The shift to hybrid and remote work means users are now highly reliant upon public internet connections, which require additional security at the network edge. Plus, the majority of apps, internal or external, are now cloud hosted.

2022 Unified NetOps Explainer Video

We continue to unify the DX NetOps platform built-on decades of expertise in the network monitoring space along with best-of-breed components you have used to manage the performance of your networks for years. As we welcomed AppNeta into the Broadcom Software NetOps family in 2022, we expanded our monitoring coverage into unmanaged networks like ISP, Cloud and SaaS environments.

Monitoring Azure and Your Entire Hybrid Infrastructure with DX UIM

While you often read about the move to “the cloud,” the reality is that most organizations aren’t moving to a single cloud, but multiple cloud environments from multiple providers. There can be a range of reasons for companies to use cloud services from more than one provider today.

Experience-Driven NetOps from Broadcom Software

Experience-Driven NetOps from Broadcom Software delivers the unified end-to-end network visibility needed to understand, manage and optimize the performance of your digital services - on whatever network they may be running on. The solution extends your monitoring reach into edge services, multi-cloud and SaaS, home wireless and ISP networks, letting you see every communication path and degradation point for the entire end-user experience.

Expert Series: Large MSP Was First to Upgrade to DX UIM 20.4

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