How to Pick a Winning Go Module

With a near-endless list of Go Modules, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which is best for your Go build. For new Go developers, it can be difficult to pick a winner for your specific use case. This phenomenon is nothing new. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why open-source is so important for developers. Oftentimes, when a module is published by a developer, it was likely developed to solve a specific problem that they are facing.


Install Artifactory HA on GKE in a Flash

Installing Artifactory on GKE, or on any Kubernetes cluster for that matter, can be complex. You have to think through several scenarios, switch back and forth between UI and command line, create a lengthy Helm command, search for acceptable parameters … and so on. All this before you have to configure certificates, licenses, database settings, node settings. But there’s more, what about future proofing it?


Updates for the Edge - From Hours to Minutes - Sneak Preview

My name is Kat Cosgrove, and I’m a Developer Advocate at JFrog. Before that, I was an engineer on JFrog’s IoT team. Our goal is to bring DevOps to the edge, because it shouldn’t be as difficult to update these kinds of devices as it currently is. In pursuit of this goal, we found a lot of interesting solutions that we could bring into a CI/CD pipeline for embedded Linux devices, and eventually built a rather flashy proof of concept that put several of these solutions on display.


Unified JFrog Log Analytics With Splunk

We work best by coming together. That’s why we built the JFrog DevOps Platform, bringing together our set of solutions to operate as a single, unified user experience. That unity powered by Artifactory 7 helps bring total understanding and control of your software build pipelines. To keep it running, you also need a unified, real-time view of the entire platform’s operation.

JFrog & Pure Storage - Simplify and Accelerate Artifactory Repositories

Modern software development is getting bigger with a high volume of large binaries and various artifact versions that are shared across many data pipelines. Universal binary package managers, like JFrog Artifactory, integrate with various workflows in the software development lifecycle on Pure Storage - FlashBlade for scalable performance, cost efficiency, and manageability.

CI/CD In Confidence: How Pipelines Keeps Your Secrets

A friend that can’t keep a secret isn’t one you’ll rely on. The same is true for your mission critical CI/CD tool that you have to entrust with credentials for each integrated component. Keeping your secrets safe can be a challenge for CI/CD tools, since they need to connect to such a variety of other services. Each one needs its own password or token that must be kept hidden from prying eyes.