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Gain real-time observability into your software supply chain with the New Relic Log Analytics Integration

JFrog’s new log analytics integration with New Relic brings together powerful observability capabilities to monitor, analyze, and visualize logs and metrics from self-hosted JFrog environments. The integration is free for all tiers of self-hosted JFrog customers and utilizes the powerful, open source log management tool, Fluentd, to collect, process, and surface data in New Relic dashboards.


Release Trusted Software Faster - Our New release Lifecycle Management Beta Is Here

Releasing production-ready software is a complicated tangle of tools and processes lacking visibility, traceability, and consistency. This leads to custom integrations and human intervention, which create opportunities for mistakes, impede automation, and increase the likelihood of insecure software being released. JFrog’s release lifecycle management capabilities enable “release first” software supply chain (SSC) management, delivering trusted software faster.


How to Onboard to a Federated Repository

Scaling up your development organization typically involves spreading development across multiple locations around the globe. One of the key challenges with multisite development is ensuring reliable access to required software packages and artifacts for teams collaborating across time zones. The JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform solves this challenge with federated repositories in JFrog Artifactory.

A Live Chat with JFrog: 2023 Software Package Trends

While there are lots of #datareports out there, JFrog’s "2023 Software Artifact State of the Union" is the first of its kind to examine what types of packages and #binaries are leveraged in creating and delivering consumer-ready #software. Join JFrog Solution Engineering Manager, William Manning and Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Sean Pratt for a live Q&A chat.

Complete your Software Supply Chain with GitLab CI/CD and JFrog

Software is more than building code. Developing software and ensuring quality builds requires managing a complete software supply chain. With the many security threats across the supply chain, managing each and every aspect of the software you deliver to your customers, including the entire process of how it was made, is critical to your organization. This means setting up your software release cycle to include DevOps and security best practices.


Automate Your Deployments on Kubernetes Using GitHub Workflows and JFrog Artifactory Custom Webhooks

Full automation makes your Continuous Deployment (CD) faster, seamless and less error prone. For example, triggering the deployment of your Helm Chart when a Docker image is pushed to production. The latest JFrog Artifactory release makes this easy! With a new Custom Webhook feature that enables a direct integration with a variety of services such as Gitlab Pipelines, Jenkins and GitHub Actions.

IoT Management with JFrog Connect (5-Minute Demo)

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently monitor, manage and update edge and IoT devices at scale. You can quickly register thousands of devices, organize them into logical groups, automate software updates for entire device fleets, and leverage secure tools to remotely troubleshoot devices from the comfort of your laptop.

Collect and Manage your Binary Metadata using Build-Info

Our modern life depends on software from the most trivial to critical task. How software is built, behaves and what actually contains are fundamental questions that almost all stakeholders of the Software Development Life Cycle need to know. Being able to effectively manage your binaries (aka software packages, artifacts, containers, images…) provides full control over your binary lifecycle.

JFrog Pipelines

JFrog Pipelines is a next-generation CI/ CD automation and orchestration tool that embraces and enhances your pipeline processes. It provides a centralized command and control mechanism across all your DevOps Pipelines. It is part of the most comprehensive universal platform for global DevOps, the JFrog Platform.

JFrog's Software Artifact State of the Union is Here! See What's Actually Being Used in Software Technology Today

As software development becomes more complex, it’s important for IT and software leaders to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Tools like Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey and the Tiobe Index can be helpful, but they rely on indirect data and don’t provide a full picture of what’s actually being used in production. JFrog’s Software Artifact State of the Union is different.