Interview with TRI-AD: DevOps & Software Development in the Automotive Industry

Hi, my name is Ayana Yokota and I’m a Developer Advocate at JFrog. I’m excited to introduce the first blog post in my JFrog customers interview series, highlighting unique use-cases and success stories. This fascinating first interview was held with Mr. Yan and Mr. Moriya, from the Infrastructure Engineering team, and Mr. Etourneau from the Arene Tools team, in the Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development, Inc. (TRI-AD).


A Few Minutes More: Add Xray DevSecOps to Artifactory Enterprise on Azure

In a prior blog post, we explained how to install or update Artifactory through the Azure Marketplace in the amount of time it takes for your coffee order to arrive on the counter. Now you can add to your self-managed (BYOL) Artifactory deployment Xray, the cream of software component analysis (SCA) tools, through the Azure Marketplace as well.


Air Gap Distribution Delivers Peace of Mind to Isolated Environments

The best way to stay out of danger is to keep far away from where danger lurks. But in the internet age, the global network means risk to your systems is from everywhere, at all times. With estimates that worldwide damage from cybercrime will exceed 6 trillion dollars by 2021, many companies choose, or are required by regulations to isolate their most sensitive systems to avoid any type of security breach.

[Tidelift & JFrog] Best Practices For Managing Your Open Source Artifacts

Do you ever dream about having one place where you can find and store “known good” open source packages that are pre-vetted and pre-approved for use in building applications? If you ever think to yourself “there must be a better way” to manage open source components across the organization, you are in for a treat—now there is!

All Hands on Deck: P2P Distribution Combats Latency to Speed Delivery

With any huge task, more helpers make it go faster. That’s the solution large organizations increasingly seek for deploying large applications to hundreds of nodes. When others pitch in, many hands make light work. JFrog is pleased to introduce Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Distribution to help deliver content to huge K8s cluster runtime environments efficiently and at scale.

DevOps 101: Introduction To Containers

Containers have become integral to every phase in the lifecycle of application development. Production grade orchestration tools such as Kubernetes have been built to manage them and container platforms like Docker are becoming commonplace in both testing and development. Web tutorials on how to build and manage simple Docker images abound! But what are containers exactly and why have they become so essential to the DevOps ecosystem?