Pandora FMS

Oct 5, 2018

A single monitoring solution to control your business. With just one tool, you can monitor any device, infrastructure, application, service and business process.

Pandora FMS is a monitoring software for IT infrastructure management which includes network equipment, Windows and Unix servers, virtual infrastructure and all different kind of applications. It has a large amount of features, making it a new generation software which discovers all the monitoring issues that an organization may need.

Main features:

  • Network monitoring
  • WMI monitoring
  • Agent monitoring (for all OS)
  • Graphical reporting, based on it's own SQL backend
  • SLA, and ITIL KPI metrics on reporting
  • Status & Performance monitoring
  • GIS tracking and viewing
  • Inventory management (Local and remote)
  • User defined visual console screens and Dashboards WYSIWYG
  • Very high capacity (Thousands of devices)
  • Multiuser, several levels of ACL management.

Pandora FMS exists as a full-powered Community edition with forum-based community support as well as an Enterprise edition which includes professional support and access to new versions.

Oct 1, 2018   |  By Jimmy Olano
In the 1980s, Open Hardware made our society shake with the irruption of a giant: IBM® It seems that now in 2018 history will repeat itself!
Sep 28, 2018   |  By Alberto Dominguez
Since version 7.0 NG 723, Pandora FMS has a new feature that allows the use of GIS maps with Geoserver for its integration with Pandora FMS GIS maps.
Sep 27, 2018   |  By Irene Carrasco
Among the new features of the new Pandora FMS 727 update package, you will find: Threshold definition in Visual Console elements, Visual improvements on GIS Maps and Substantial performance improvement in tree views.
Sep 24, 2018   |  By Alberto Dominguez
How about starting with an introduction? We will attach links to articles already published that expand on each concept or topic in order to keep our journey as compact as possible.
Sep 20, 2018   |  By Alexander La Rosa
LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network), also known as LPWA or LPN, is a wireless data transport protocol that is now understood as one of the basic protocols for the implementation of IoT.
Jul 23, 2018   |  By Pandora FMS
Why waste time and resources on isolated or poorly integrated monitoring systems? Pandora FMS simplifies your operations and saves costs by unifying and centralizing all your monitoring in one place.
Jul 13, 2018   |  By Pandora FMS
This tutorial shows how to monitor the Apache web server in depth with multiple instances or domains running with Pandora FMS.
May 4, 2017   |  By Pandora FMS
The UX system is deployed on a software agent, from where prerecorded navigation session are executed, as though a user were actually browsing. You can use Flash, Javascript or any other technology which your browser supports.
Apr 28, 2017   |  By Pandora FMS
Discover all the options that network mapping offers, plus how to edit, create and navigate them in a visual and dynamic way.
Apr 26, 2017   |  By Pandora FMS
A selection of the most significative features included in the latest version of Pandora FMS.