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Pandora FMS

Events in MS Windows and Pandora FMS, does anyone give more?

If the spreadsheet was the essential application for accounting and massification of personal computers, MS Windows® operating system was the graphical interface that turned work into something more pleasant and paved the way for web browsers for the Internet as we know it today. Today, in Pandora FMS blog, we discuss.

Two-factor authentication in Pandora FMS

I have been a regular user of Pandora FMS for years and the best I can say about them is that they always have something new to add to my learning. Today, for example, I rediscovered the Two-Factor authentication in Pandora FMS! *And I did it, in part, through this article already published on their blog Although I devote myself to programming (and it is what I like to do the most), I am more of a Web 2.0 person than a Web 3.0 person because I consider that the latter has been abused too much.