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It had to be said: Teleworking promotes productivity and employee satisfaction

The formula of teleworking, extended among many companies from the phenomenon of Confinement, caused by the pandemic, has given rise to a new model of labor relations. A system already called “hybrid” because it combines teleworking with conventional physical presence.

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Hardening, do you know what it is?

For a long time in Pandora FMS blog we have devoted ourselves to defining and shelling with elegance that extensive and convoluted glossary offered by technology terminology. You know our saying: The key is to make an impression in technical talks with your boss! Therefore, today we are going to choose a very trendy word in the meetings of executives in The City of London and in those among the new school of developers in Silicon Valley: Big-boss-campaign! Didn’t you know it? Seriously?

pandora fms

What is hyperconvergence?

Pandora FMS blog has a very clear purpose: for you to find out everything there is to know about the largest number of rare words related to computing, technology or monitoring, so you can show off among your peers (with whom the hell may you brag about this). Today it’s “Hyperconvergence“! It may sound like something about spacecrafts going into a state close to the speed of light or psychic-type Pokémon attack, but no, it’s something else!